Monday, 21 November 2016

Homemade Chocolate Stirrers For Hot Chocolate Lovers

Happy Monday Friends!!

With the weather decidedly cooler,  and the evenings dark and gloomy, we all seek a little bit of comfort.  So today's post is for those chocolate lovers out there, or if that isn't you, maybe for someone you know is a bit of a chocoholic.

Chocolate Hot Shots are the perfect way to indulge your love of chocolate with a drink. I have been making some to give for Christmas as a little extra homemade love, so I thought I would share with you today how I make mine.

You will need a shot glass, 1 large bar of chocolate per shot, unsalted butter to line the glass, some sticks (mine are from Lakelands cake pop section) or you could use a wooden skewer with the point cut off.

First up, you will need to melt a small amount of unsalted butter, (just enough to line your shot glasses to prevent the chocolate from becoming stuck to your glass).

My daughter's tip is to brush the butter upwards to ensure even coverage. Once you have done this, pop them into the fridge for about an hour.

Whilst waiting for the butter to set in the glasses, melt your bars of chocolate. Remember it works out approximately 1 large bar to each shot glass. It will, of course, depend on the size of the shot glass you are using, but mine are an average size. If yours are smaller, you will, need less chocolate, and vice versa. 

 Once the chocolate is melted pour into the shot glass and add your stick.

Then place in the fridge to harden.

Once the chocolate has set, place the shot glass in some hot water for a few seconds and then gently pull on the stick and your choc shot will pop out.

Because I am giving mine as gifts, I have written a tag with instructions on.

I found some Xmas cello bags in lakeland, added the choc shot, instructions and some snowy white marshmallows.

And now to hide them from my daughter who is a complete and utter chocoholic!!!

Have a great week Friends!!

Maria xx


  1. I'll be trying these for sure

  2. I really like this idea & am going to give it a try . . . as soon as I figure out what we have that will work in place of the shot glasses . . . unless my hubby has a few in his collectible room.:)

  3. They look great and I'm definitely going to give them a go. Thanks for sharing x


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