Monday, 14 November 2016

Good To Know - Dining Out

Happy Monday Friends!!

I hope you have had a great weekend :D

Today's post is about a good to know tip I have learnt from my daughter, who has been studying Patisserie at college. As part of her qualification she has had to do Front of House training, and she certainly knows her stuff. I am proud to say she impressed Albert Roux with her skills last year at the Queens Stand. Want to know what it is?

It's a mistake that quite a few of us do, and I have been guilty of it too.  It is when we stack our plates at the end of the meal thinking we are actually helping. This might be a natural instinct, but in a restaurant it is a complete no no. Front of house staff are trained on how to stack and carry as many plates as they possibly can. There is a certain way to do it and by trying to be helpful, we are in fact causing hindrance. So my advice to you is leave the plates, cutlery etc for the waiters and waitresses. They will more grateful if you do, and you will make their lifes so much easier.

Another good to thing to know is that, front of house staff should never, ever clear plates until everyone on your table has finished. This is a complete no, no and if they do, it shows that the restaurant's staff have not been properly trained.

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Maria xx


  1. This is good to know, but can you share the proper way to stack them, so we know that as well?

    1. Hi Susanne, they learn to stack them in their arms and hand/s, which is why you dont need to touch the plates at a restaurant. It makes it easier for them to pick up the plates individually and stack them in the arm and hands. If you go to stack them on the table, it makes it a lot harder for the waiter/waitress.

  2. Interesting about not clearing tables until everyone is finished. Sometimes I am glad to have had my empty plate taken away but at other times it makes me feel rushed ... looking forward to more tales from Front Of The House.

  3. I've never heard that rule about not removing plates until everyone's done. Interesting post.


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