Friday, 11 November 2016

Cleaning Tip

Now, I will hold my hand up to say I am an advertising man's dream, if they say the words, new and improved on anything to do with cleaning products and I'm straight off to Sainsbury's to buy it.

I love my home to be clean and tidy, which I know with two mud magnets running in and out of the garden, especially in this weather, isn't always easy, but I have a close friend called Emma, who could put Kim and Aggie to shame. Seriously, she knows everything there is to know about cleaning.
Well recently, I had a stain on a top which was dry clean only, but the dry cleaners, didn't think they could help me.  So, whats a girl to do? .... Yup, she rings her friend.  Now the tip she gave me was brilliant, and I'd like to share it with you. 

Baby Wipes! .... Yup, that easy.  Never did I think to use them on any stain, other than cleaning my crafting stamps.  It really works, although, don't go buying the more expensive ones, no the cheap own brand ones, are apparently the best.  They even work if you drop make up on the carpet! ... and the fact that my husband reads our blog, I'd like to note that it wasn't in our house, don't panic Simon, no, Emma has a teenage daughter, and this has worked.

So, give it a go, it may surprise you.

Have a lovely weekend friends, I hope the weather is kind to you .... but apparently, I'm in for more muddy paw prints tomorrow.


  1. It's amazing what things can be used for. Head & Shoulders shampoo is a great thing to use to get stubborn ink stains off your fingers (makes you wonder what it does to your hair LOL).
    Toni xx

    1. Apparently you should not use Head & Shoulders if you have dyed hair, it starts to strip the colour out.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll be trying at one soon.

  3. I do like a nice effective cheap tip like that! And how lucky that we now have a supply of baby wipes in the house ;-)
    Talking of mucky dog paws, we bought a Pet Head Dirty Paws Footbath.
    One of the best things we've ever bought (dog related!) so handy to keep just inside the front door of if you go out to the beach. I'd really recommend it.

    1. Oh I'll certainly check it out, thank you.


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