Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Top Tip for Shopping for Gluten & Wheat Free Food

Happy Tuesday Friends!!

I hope you had fun with the Halloween celebrations that seem to be getting bigger each year. I'm a day late with todays post, but have good reason as our eldest son traveled down from Bristol to celebrate his 21st birthday (he is our Halloween baby).

Back to todays topic of some tips for gluten, wheat and dairy free shopping. I was diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten, wheat and dairy about five years ago, and wanted to pass on a tip for those of you who may be newly diagnosed, or have a friend or family member that you are having to cook for.

You may be fooled into thinking that you will only ever be able to shop down the "special aisle" of your local supermarket or that you have to choose ingredients that only has a label plastered with gluten or dairy free all over it. If you go down this route, you will be increasing the amount you spend on your food shop considerably!! There are, in fact, lots of everyday products that are perfectly acceptable if you happen to be intolerant, like myself. If you are a celiac, you will have to be more careful as some products are manufactured in a gluten or wheat environment.

My tip to you is simple, check out the ingredients label on 'normal' products, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they are gluten or wheat free.

Here are a couple of  examples for everyday ingredients.


Doves Cornflour, labeled gluten free costs £1.59 for 110g (£1.45 per 100g). As an everyday ingredients, this is a huge increase of cost over the course of time. 

As you can see from the packaging, there is no label purporting to this particular brand being gluten free. The price £1.05 for 250g (42p per 100g). 


This gluten free brand is priced at £1.69 or only 30g, which equates to £5.63 per 100g!!! 

Whereas this well known brand, although not advertising itself as gluten free, actually doesn't contain wheat or gluten in its ingredients!! It is also much, much cheaper at £2 for a 200g jar. 

Obviously, there will be ingredients or food that you will need to buy with the gluten, wheat or dairy free label on, and they will be down the special aisle, but from personal experience, there are so many products that are perfectly suitable for anyone with an intolerance, you just have to look at the ingredients. 

On an end note, my advice don't be fooled by packaging because you will end up spending way too much!!!

Have a great week Friends!!

Maria xx

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