Friday, 4 November 2016

A Life Hack - Kitchen Dispenser

Last week I got a WhatsApp from Maria, asking if she could borrow an oxo cube! Yes, it was part of her blog post. So in true Friends over the Fence style, I handed it over in the garden, and this is where we got chatting about Life Hacks.

So I'll share this one with you; its something I never really looked at before, until it was on a tv show.  Apparently most foil, cling film etc., come with these helpful tabs.

So do as it says on the packaging lol
And the tabs hold the insides in place
 Which make using so much easier.
If you know of any of these so called Life Hacks, we'd love to hear them.

Happy Friday friends, and have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Amazing how little attention a lot of us give to packaging LOL.
    Thanks for the tip. You are right, so much easier.
    Sticky tape is a 'hack' for me. I don't use a dispenser so finding the end can be a problem but I always turn a tiny bit of the end under so that there is a 'free, non-sticky edge' to be able to get hold of. It so annoys me when someone borrows my tape at work and doesn't do this (brown parcel tape can be really difficult to lift the edge).
    Toni xx

  2. Carrying on from Toni's tip above, the only problem with folding under a bit of tape to make the end easier to find is that you then have to cut that piece off when you use the next strip. If you insert a paper clip under the end it is easy to find and lift from the roll, plus you don't have to waste the turned under bit!

    1. Oh I love this idea ... I'm certainly going to do this. Thank you


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