Friday, 28 October 2016

Garlic crusher

I know, not the most exciting post in the world, but honestly, I've tried so many garlic pressers recently and so to finally find one that works is a real plus for me.  As you know, both Maria and I love to cook, and garlic is something, that to be honest, I probably use in most of my dishes every day.

I've also had to buy a few recently, as they all seem to break so easily. I've tried the cheap and the silly expensive ones; this one although on the upper price scale, is certainly worth it.

Its got an easy grip handle, that doesn't need muscles to use.  I like that you can turn it so that all parts of the garlic comes out easily.  Its dishwasher safe and really easy to clean if you'd rather not go down that route. Plus, even the large garlic cloves seem to fit in it easily.

It's available from John Lewis, and I'm sure Amazon too .... and I've just giggled to myself, as the brand is OXO, so follows on from Maria's Tuesday post on OXO cubes, I'm so impressed with it that I will certainly try other gadgets from this brand.

Have a lovely weekend friends


  1. **chuckle** fancy that...a garlic press by OXO.
    Toni xx

  2. I have that same garlic press, still going strong after regular use for a few years.


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