Friday, 21 October 2016

Autumn Decor

I'm one of those people that is forever "tinkering" with her home.  I'm constantly changing things, and one of the things I love doing, is changing over my furnishing for the seasons.

I created this frame last year using my silhoutte machine.
Bringing the new seasons into your home is something easily done, and doesn't have to be expensive.  I first usually start with my cushions.  Like my summer and winter wardrobe, I put my soft furnishing away with the seasons too. So I do have a section of winter cushions.  Same goes for throws, etc.

So let me share with you a few of the things I've put out for the season.  I will of course be adding to them, during the coming months, and I will share them with you. Firstly, pop into our local homeware shops.  These ceramic pumpkins cost £3.99 from TK Maxx and the candle was £4.99 from B&M

Another thing that was quick and easy to do was put some washi tape around some tea lights

Mini pumpkins are my passion at the moment, so so cute.  I'm trying to find a white one, but no luck yet.

Maria and I walked the bears the other day, and she kindly filled her pockets with conkers for me.

I've since took a trip into London and saw these amazing jars in Fortnum ... ok, maybe I can't do it in quite such style, but I'm happy with my little display 
I'm sure I'll be changing over more decorations this weekend. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, have fun friends. 
Sandra x


  1. Such a simple idea with the washi tape yet it makes such a difference!! Loving your decorations... so far!! :-)

  2. Love the t-light idea.
    Kerryanne English over at the Shabby Art Boutique has some pumpkin designs you may be interested in (there are some free downloads scattered about her blog too).
    Toni xx

  3. Such fun ideas Sandra, if only we had seasons in Dubai!!!! Guess I could pretend tho! The washi tape idea is brill xxxx

  4. It all looks so lovely and I think it's a genius idea to use the washi on t-lights :) x

  5. Very festive - I like decorating with harvest themes rather than halloween. Could be the farm girl in me.


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