Friday, 23 September 2016

Lord Mayor Banquet

Happy Friday friends.  Today, I was going to share with you a few products I've being using and testing over the past month, but last night, Maria and I attended an event which I thought you might like to see photos off.

The event was the annual banquet, of the Worshipful Company of the Paviors, of which my hubby, Simon is a member.  This event is always held in the The Mansion House and attended by the Lord Mayor of London, which is actually his residence.

Its honestly, the most magical and majestic venue and event.  So, here are so photos which you may enjoy.

Much clapping, signalled the arrival of the Mayor of London.

 The room that the banquet is held in is just so beautiful.
With the tables looking stunning, and the food amazing. 
Next was the ceremony of the Loving cup, which comes with it's own rules.  Without being too longwinded, the idea is that only 3 people should be standing; the person who drinks, the person who holds the lid of the cup, and the person sitting on the other side of the person drinking, who guard and stands back to back with the drinker. 
The ceremony is said to derive from the assassination at Cofe Castle on 18 March 978 of King Edward whilst he was drinking from a cup passed to him by his stepmother Elfrida.  She wanted her own son Ethelred to be king and so she set up the murder of her stepson; he was stabbed in the back whilst drinking from the cup which he held with both hands. 

Elfrida was successful in her deed, her stepson is now known as King Edward the Martyr, and her natural son as King Ethelred the Unready. 
This is one of the Gold Loving cups at Mansion house (not the one we drank from, or pretended to drink from)

There you have it, a few (ok, a lot) photos for a very beautiful and memorable evening.  Wishing you a lovely weekend 
Sandra xx


  1. Fabulous photos Sandra. What a wonderful event and venue.
    Toni xx

  2. Aren't we lucky to live in a country which has such interesting traditions? My daughter's friend works at the Tower of London and was invited to a function at Mansion House just before she got married, she said it was amazing - I love hearing about all these customs and the history behind them.

  3. It looks like a splendid event - and you look fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It looks like an amazing evening x

  5. Fun evening, pretty dresses & thanks for some history, quite interesting.


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