Friday, 30 September 2016


Hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah" is something you may have already heard about, or if not, you certainly will.  Its set to be the biggest trend since Marie Kondo, and the joy of decluttering.

It comes from Denmark, which is said to the be happiest country in the world, and although there is not an exact translation for the word, its about a feeling of coziness and home.

Of course, anything home related calls to me; and this is one bandwagon, I'm more than happy to jump on.  Its about the simple things in life .... drinking coffee and really savouring it.  Curling up by the fire and just reading a book, or inviting those you really want to be around for dinner, and enjoying good old fashioned comfort food.

Yes, its a new word to us, but in reality, its something we've always done or used to do ... board games, and friends; candles and warm socks. The best things in life, really are free.  This is certainly a word I hope catches on more.

image via Pinterest
Here's a few glimpses into the book, which so far, I"m loving.  Its one of those that you can pick up and just flip to any page and read ...  perfect for those moments when you've a hot chocolate in hand and complete silence around you. 

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Hygge ... you'll see there are many many books available on this subject, but I'm happy I started with this one, although I'll be honest, I have a few more in my Amazon wish list .... sssshhhh don't tell hubby. 

Happy weekend friends. 


  1. I did enjoy this glimpse. Thank you. Interesting word & interesting idea. I read the decluttering sorting books by Marie Kondo. Some of her ideas I liked but overall it was not a method I embraced. I am going to see if I can borrow a book from our library about Hygge as now I need to know more.

  2. Pyjamas, warm socks, log fires and hot chocolate- I like the sound of those!


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