Friday, 2 September 2016

Decluttering ... Do I really WANT this?

As you know, I'm on a major declutter mission, and I'm happy to say I'm really getting there.  In fact, I'm probably 80% done ... ok, maybe that doesn't include the loft space, but that's a whole new game.
Now, I've read the Marie Kondo book, and her words "Does this bring me joy" are probably known by more people around the world than anything else.  Those words, just don't work for me.  So I say something similar .... "Do I really WANT this?"

I say those words, when shopping, browsing online, or even emptying a draw.  My fear is that as things are leaving the house for the charity shops, I'm tempted to buy more things to fill the space, so often its a case of dump at charity shop and run out.

I'm not saying I'll ever live a minimal lifestyle, that's just not me. I like the pretty things in life, and having those around me, really does bring me joy, but I've realised the less "stuff" I have, the happier I feel.

I watch some of these makeover home programs and I'm sure the reason people like their new improved living space, is more down to the fact that things have been parred back and put away.  So these days, I need to be more selective ... yes, that's the best word I can use,  I'm selective about what I buy now.  I just think and think again, if I really need it.

I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts with you, but I wanted to keep you updated on how I'm doing with my decluttering plan.  I'm still on course, and fingers crossed I'll be there by the end of the year.  The last thing I want is to make decluttering a goal once again but in 2017.

I'll leave you with a little photo of how are car looked the other day.  Yes, we loaded it up from the little house, and off all this went to the charity shop.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend


  1. Congratulations on your progress. My house is very cluttered at the moment as I have loads of stuff to sort through that my Sister & I cleared from my Mum's home when she was in hospital earlier this year (making it clear and easier for her to move around with her walker). I'm hoping to make a dent in it when I'm off for a week this month.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

    1. The reason our home was so decluttered Toni, was I still had most of mum and dads things. It's been 5 years since losing them and I've only really been ready to let their things go. I know that I'm not letting them go, they'll always be with me, I just don't need to have kept another home in mine lol. I've also realised I have a lot of my mothers hoarding tendencies, and I need to keep that in check. The whole process has helped me so much xxx

  2. It's so hard when you've cleared out someone else's home and you keep more than you should for sentimental reasons - I know from personal experience. One day I was sorting through some stuff of my mum's that had been in a box for about 2 years after she'd died and I heard her voice in my head saying 'why on earth are you keeping that?' and I just knew that it was time to have a good old sort out. It's tough deciding what goes and what stays, but sometimes it's time to let things go to a new home where they will be used and enjoyed, not just stored away.

  3. I think you're doing so well on your mission to declutter, I know I would have given up by now xx

  4. We've just ocme back off holiday and I always feel full of get up and go and a want to get things done when I get back and decluttering is definately on my list - whether my get up and go lasts that long is another thing!! lol xx

  5. So glad you are happy with the progress you are making. I have taken that identical shot a couple of times this year, and am happier for less clutter too. I really like your mantra of "selective" - I think I will adopt that too.


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