Friday, 26 August 2016

Yet Another Makeover

Sorry friends, but yes, I'm on a mission to find more paint colours.
I've decided that the main family room in our home needs a makeover ... Luckily for me, I've married the most patient man in the world, who just lets me get on with it and puts up with my forever changing mind lol.

So this is the main wall I'm first going to paint
Nothing really wrong with it, other than the fact it's been this colour since we first built the extension back int 2003; I've just repainted it with the same colour since.  Now though, I feel it needs a change. I still have some the Farrow and Blue Skylight from when I painted the dresser .... so this I think! ... (I may well end up changing my mind) will be the colour on this wall.  One of the reasons is that I want the white flowers to show up.

I also want to really lighten up the room, and bring it more up to date.  So the surrounding walls, I'm looking at a more white or white/grey.  I'm pulling towards Blackend or Strong White, again both are Farrow & Ball colours.

I may well go with a completely different colour, as I'm contemplating too on painting my pew Farrow & Ball, Skimming Stone.  Oh the decisions, the decisions.

I'm off tomorrow to their shop, so I'll come back and tell you which colours I've decided on.  Wish me luck

Have a lovely weekend friends, and here in the UK its a Bank Holiday on Monday, so if you're off, enjoy your day xxx


  1. I look forward to seeing what you finally decide.
    Toni xx

  2. I can't wait to see your shortlist for the paint because I bet you still haven't decided on a final colour :) xx


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