Friday, 12 August 2016

Trying out a new Foundation for Reddening Skin - Clarins

Happy Friday Friends!

Today I am chatting about a new foundation that my daughter recommended to me. She's a beauty buff and knows more about makeup and skincare than I do!

I have always suffered with redness to my face, but as I have progressed through my middle youth, it has become more noticeable and is more widespread. To be honest, I am not sure why, so I am blaming those good old hormones that seem to reek havoc with us ladies.

My daughter convinced me to give Clarins Extra Firming Foundation a try. (And yes the mention of extra-firming, did have something to do with it too lol).  I am the type that manages to shower, do my hair and makeup in half an hour, especially on school days so I don't have time to faff around in the mornings. The fact that it has SPF15 is great as I am always forgetting to apply sunscreen to my face before my makeup.

Not wanting to scare you with a full on face of no make up, I am just showing you half of my face. Taking a closeup photo of your face with no make up in your middle youth is not fun but for the purposes of this post it had to be done.  As you can see it is pretty bad, the redness that is.... the wrinkles are coming along nicely too ;) This is where I am hoping the extra firming part of this foundation kicks in and makes me all youthful like..... a girl can dream can't she lol ;)

No make up - yikes!!

I thought the foundation I was using before had pretty good coverage, but since using Clarins, Extra-Firmining Foundation, I realised that this has far better coverage, without being too heavy or caky.

Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation 

And here is my face after applying Clarins Extra Firming Foundation.  It has a delicate fresh smell to it. Easy to apply, which in my case means it can be applied quickly and the best part is it stays on all day even in the recent heat (ok a few days of sun) and during my pilates classes. You can still see some redness through my quick application, but I am personally happy with the coverage I can achieve with a quick application of this foundation before putting on the rest of my makeup. 

So if your like me and need that extra coverage,  then I would recommend this. Even if you don't, the firming aspect of it might appeal as well as the built in SPF15.

Have a great weekend Friends!!

Maria xx

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