Monday, 22 August 2016

My New Office Space - Decision Time Over those Blue Units!

Happy Monday Friends!!

Last week, I posted about turning our small bedroom into my new office space. The dilemma I had was over those blue and white storage units, which will be great for all my files, books and other paraphernalia.

I had a couple of choices really, keep them blue and incorporate a colour scheme to the space so it wasn't just a blue and white room or take all the units off and paint them.

Being an impatient type of a girl, the children still on their holidays and my husband now seeing he could have a mess free office after all these years, we both decided to leave them blue and white (for now that is, anyway).

Actually what changed my mind about the blue was seeing this beautiful Bluebellgray pendant shade from Next. I have ordered one and, although not cheap at £75, it had to be done (although I am going to have to wait 6 weeks for it to arrive).  Yes I know I am on a tight budget for this space, but if I am going to have to live with the blue units, this will at least be a thing of beauty that will distract me from my dislike of the blue.

Another source of inspiration was this cushion which I saw in Sainsburys whilst shopping. I like this cushion as it has more vibrant colours that stand out whilst the blue acts as a background colour. 

I am at the moment sourcing some handles to replace the white plastic knobs for the doors whilst my husband finishes refreshing the walls with some leftover white paint.

Have a great week Friends!

Maria xx


  1. Such bold vibrant colours of both the pillow & lampshade - this will probably end up being a favourite space :)


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