Friday, 19 August 2016

Home Makers Desk Organisation

I am what they call a "Home Maker" it used to be called a housewife, a term I still use, but whatever you call me, one thing for sure is that I'm obsessed with our home. I'm forever faffing with one thing or another. Adding a little candle here, or a new plate arrangement there, moving some house plants around, its a total obsession of mine.

Saying all this, I do also think a housewife is more than moving pretties around.  I keep our home running semi smoothly and part of this means, having paperwork at the ready when needed.  So for this, I have a desk in our dining room, which I use as my "planning" station and also for our household paperwork.

So I thought I'd share this little space with you.  It's me, so as you can imagine its always over going a little tidy up, sort out and re-organisation, but here it is at the moment.

A lot of my planner supplies are kept in this draw.

In this draw I keep my bullet journaling and everyday files.
Our home management file is kept close to hand. 

Thats it from me today, I wish you a happy weekend, 

Also just to let you know, that as we're in the middle of holiday season, Maria and I will only be posting twice a week at the moment. 

Have fun friends


  1. So I'm sitting here at my very disorganised and not pretty at all desk, comparing my view with yours, and a deep sense of shame and desk envy has come over me! I definitely need to go out there and pretty this place up! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. What a pretty planning place. I am looking around my messy desk here in the den, though, but not feeling the urge to tidy it up. Maybe I'll go play in the studio instead. And when I "faff" around with making my home prettier or more functional, I call it home blessing because it is done out of love.

  3. Beautiful organisation Sandra - lovely & tidy.
    Toni xx

  4. Lovely desk, I wish I was so organised! X


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