Friday, 5 August 2016

Handwritten Notes

Only the other day, I was looking in a birthday book that used to belong to my mother and it fell open to the front page where I realised it was actually a gift to her from her mother.

That same week, I was looking for a recipe in a book that was a gift from Maria, to welcome Betty Blue, into the neighbourhood.  You'll see that Maria does the same.  Now both these books have bought a huge smile to my face, and I was wondering who else still does this.

I remember as a child it was something done all the time, on giving a gift of a book, and I've certainly decided to do this to all books I give in the future.  Its a gift in itself, one that brings a smile and a happy memory later on through the ages when you open that book again.

What also made me laugh was when flicking through Mum's birthday book, was I must have got hold of it as a child, and yes, I put our dogs birthday done the same as mine. 
 I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and the sun shines on you.

Sandra xx


  1. This is strange Sandra as it brought back memories of receiving books as gifts and there was always a message in the front. However, I think my brain couldn't get itself around the fact that I was always told that you don't write in/mark books. I know it is probably a silly thing but I find it impossible to fold book pages yet I would love to try book folding - it looks so clever. Even using a book as an art journal has been a struggle and I had to get the lady in the charity shop to just pick one for me.
    I loved receiving books with messages from the giver as it showed the book was truly mine but somewhere along the way the conflict of 'damaging' the book has meant that this is not a tradition that I have continued which seems such a shame.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. I think it's lovely when a note is written in a book, it also makes me a bit sad when I buy a book from a charity shop that have a lovely note in because I know I would never give a dedicated book away x

  3. So FUN to discover those notes inside the cover, isn't it! Robbie & I still do this when we gift each other books . . .and when we give books to others (unless we have it shipped from Amazon for free shipping!).


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