Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Daily Greatness Journal - Trying out a new Journal

Happy Tuesday Friends!!

I hope you've had an enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

I have been on a mission since the beginning of the year to get organised. I have found bullet journalling a great help. Initially, I used a midori style notebook and have since progressed on to Leuchturrm A5 notebook which allowed me to record more about my daily activities as it was slightly larger. I have and still enjoy using both.

However, I have come across a new journalling system called 'The Daily Greatness Journal'. I was unsure as to what to expect but decided to give it a go and ordered one...

It is larger than I expected so will definitely be more of a desk journal than a 'chuck it in the handbag' type. Although its not quite A4 so if you have large bag, then you'll be fine.

At the beginning you will find a lot of information on how to use this journal to get the most out of it.

The first part of the Daily Greatness Journal provides you with pages to fill in if you choose to. It asks you to really question yourself about certain aspects/areas of your life that you love, want to change or where you see yourself in the future. Its all about self progress and knowing where your at and where you'd like to be.

There are daily pages to fill in with questions to prompt you. Again, its up to you whether you choose to fill them all in or only some. You also get to add the date so this journal can be started at any point during the year. This Journal prompts you to fill it in twice a day. Once in the morning to obviously organise yourself and then in the evening to see what you have accomplished together with any greatness that you've achieved.

If you manage to do a full week, you will find the 7th day/page is a Weekly Check-In Page with a Weekly Planner for the following week.

As I have only just received this, I'll be bringing you a proper review on this journal to see if it has helped keep me organised and achieving my own personal goals. 

Have a great week Friends!

Maria xx

Friday, 26 August 2016

Yet Another Makeover

Sorry friends, but yes, I'm on a mission to find more paint colours.
I've decided that the main family room in our home needs a makeover ... Luckily for me, I've married the most patient man in the world, who just lets me get on with it and puts up with my forever changing mind lol.

So this is the main wall I'm first going to paint
Nothing really wrong with it, other than the fact it's been this colour since we first built the extension back int 2003; I've just repainted it with the same colour since.  Now though, I feel it needs a change. I still have some the Farrow and Blue Skylight from when I painted the dresser .... so this I think! ... (I may well end up changing my mind) will be the colour on this wall.  One of the reasons is that I want the white flowers to show up.

I also want to really lighten up the room, and bring it more up to date.  So the surrounding walls, I'm looking at a more white or white/grey.  I'm pulling towards Blackend or Strong White, again both are Farrow & Ball colours.

I may well go with a completely different colour, as I'm contemplating too on painting my pew Farrow & Ball, Skimming Stone.  Oh the decisions, the decisions.

I'm off tomorrow to their shop, so I'll come back and tell you which colours I've decided on.  Wish me luck

Have a lovely weekend friends, and here in the UK its a Bank Holiday on Monday, so if you're off, enjoy your day xxx

Monday, 22 August 2016

My New Office Space - Decision Time Over those Blue Units!

Happy Monday Friends!!

Last week, I posted about turning our small bedroom into my new office space. The dilemma I had was over those blue and white storage units, which will be great for all my files, books and other paraphernalia.

I had a couple of choices really, keep them blue and incorporate a colour scheme to the space so it wasn't just a blue and white room or take all the units off and paint them.

Being an impatient type of a girl, the children still on their holidays and my husband now seeing he could have a mess free office after all these years, we both decided to leave them blue and white (for now that is, anyway).

Actually what changed my mind about the blue was seeing this beautiful Bluebellgray pendant shade from Next. I have ordered one and, although not cheap at £75, it had to be done (although I am going to have to wait 6 weeks for it to arrive).  Yes I know I am on a tight budget for this space, but if I am going to have to live with the blue units, this will at least be a thing of beauty that will distract me from my dislike of the blue.

Another source of inspiration was this cushion which I saw in Sainsburys whilst shopping. I like this cushion as it has more vibrant colours that stand out whilst the blue acts as a background colour. 

I am at the moment sourcing some handles to replace the white plastic knobs for the doors whilst my husband finishes refreshing the walls with some leftover white paint.

Have a great week Friends!

Maria xx

Friday, 19 August 2016

Home Makers Desk Organisation

I am what they call a "Home Maker" it used to be called a housewife, a term I still use, but whatever you call me, one thing for sure is that I'm obsessed with our home. I'm forever faffing with one thing or another. Adding a little candle here, or a new plate arrangement there, moving some house plants around, its a total obsession of mine.

Saying all this, I do also think a housewife is more than moving pretties around.  I keep our home running semi smoothly and part of this means, having paperwork at the ready when needed.  So for this, I have a desk in our dining room, which I use as my "planning" station and also for our household paperwork.

So I thought I'd share this little space with you.  It's me, so as you can imagine its always over going a little tidy up, sort out and re-organisation, but here it is at the moment.

A lot of my planner supplies are kept in this draw.

In this draw I keep my bullet journaling and everyday files.
Our home management file is kept close to hand. 

Thats it from me today, I wish you a happy weekend, 

Also just to let you know, that as we're in the middle of holiday season, Maria and I will only be posting twice a week at the moment. 

Have fun friends

Monday, 15 August 2016

A New Redesign - My New Office Space

Happy Monday Friends!

I hope you've had a great weekend!

I know you are all thinking I have yet to show you the finished redesign of my daughters bedroom and why would I be posting a new project. Believe it or not, I am still waiting on the Hygena chair from Argos and have only recently had the bed delivered. It has been incredibly frustrating as we are so close to finishing off the room, but now have to wait until the beginning of September! I promise as soon as its finished, I'll be posting some photos.

In the meantime, we have been busy moving our youngest son across to his new bedroom (a mammoth task in itself with the amount of lego and books he owns). This in turn has left an empty room and I have been deliberating as to what to do with it until recently. Of course, we could have set it up as a spare bedroom, but we wanted the space to work harder than an occasional room.

My husband and I have always shared an office at home and I have now decided to move myself into the spare room and turn it into my own office space. This way we can both work independently without disturbing each other. It also means, much to my husbands relief that he won't be subjected to my creative mess ;)

I will be transforming this room on a budget after having spent quite a lot on our daughters bedroom. So for now I will be making do with my existing office furniture and will need to make them work in this space.

The room already has a lot of storage cupboards and shelves, which will be great for housing most of my books and paraphernalia. The lower part of these shelves/cupboards happens to be boxed in piping so they will have to stay put for now. The only problem is I don't like the colour. I have never been a lover of blue and as its going to be my own personal space, I am not sure at this stage whether I will keeping them blue or changing the colour.

I'll be keeping you posted on the decisions I make to make to transform this room into my new office space over the coming weeks so watch this space!

Have a great week Friends!!

Maria xxx

Friday, 12 August 2016

Trying out a new Foundation for Reddening Skin - Clarins

Happy Friday Friends!

Today I am chatting about a new foundation that my daughter recommended to me. She's a beauty buff and knows more about makeup and skincare than I do!

I have always suffered with redness to my face, but as I have progressed through my middle youth, it has become more noticeable and is more widespread. To be honest, I am not sure why, so I am blaming those good old hormones that seem to reek havoc with us ladies.

My daughter convinced me to give Clarins Extra Firming Foundation a try. (And yes the mention of extra-firming, did have something to do with it too lol).  I am the type that manages to shower, do my hair and makeup in half an hour, especially on school days so I don't have time to faff around in the mornings. The fact that it has SPF15 is great as I am always forgetting to apply sunscreen to my face before my makeup.

Not wanting to scare you with a full on face of no make up, I am just showing you half of my face. Taking a closeup photo of your face with no make up in your middle youth is not fun but for the purposes of this post it had to be done.  As you can see it is pretty bad, the redness that is.... the wrinkles are coming along nicely too ;) This is where I am hoping the extra firming part of this foundation kicks in and makes me all youthful like..... a girl can dream can't she lol ;)

No make up - yikes!!

I thought the foundation I was using before had pretty good coverage, but since using Clarins, Extra-Firmining Foundation, I realised that this has far better coverage, without being too heavy or caky.

Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation 

And here is my face after applying Clarins Extra Firming Foundation.  It has a delicate fresh smell to it. Easy to apply, which in my case means it can be applied quickly and the best part is it stays on all day even in the recent heat (ok a few days of sun) and during my pilates classes. You can still see some redness through my quick application, but I am personally happy with the coverage I can achieve with a quick application of this foundation before putting on the rest of my makeup. 

So if your like me and need that extra coverage,  then I would recommend this. Even if you don't, the firming aspect of it might appeal as well as the built in SPF15.

Have a great weekend Friends!!

Maria xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Craft Room - Fabric Organisation

Well, I'm happy to say that my craft room sort out is coming along nicely.  I knew it wasn't going to be an easy job. Seriously! .... I'm a hoarder and a half, but after looking through my craft room plan (you can find a blog post on it HERE), I decided that first thing I wanted to sort was my fabric.

One of the main reasons for starting here, was I wanted to work on a Christmas quilt sew a long.  I'm happy to say, its come together nicely.

How did I get to this? Easily really. I was ruthless.  I put all my fabrics onto my desk, first sorted out the ones, I really didn't think I'd ever use.  It was hard, as lets face it, you buy them because you love them, but in reality I knew some, I'd just never use.  These were given to a friend who has been on a stash ban all year.

Then sorted them into colours 
I also kept some in the collections they came in, as I thought it would save me time when I actually got my act together and started quilting. 
This tray is for fabric I'm using now or have immediate plans for.
I have kept my Christmas fabric separate too, especially as the sew-a-long starts soon. 

I will share with you at a later date some more of my craft room organisation. As I've also made a little section for Project Life and sorted through my scrapbooking stash.  

Enjoy the rest of your week friends. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

A Snapshot of Places to Visit - South Cornwall

Happy Monday Friends!!

Firstly, I would like to thank Sandra for covering for me whilst I had my family holiday to Cornwall last week and for looking after our cat. The weather wasn't brilliant, but that is the chance you take when you holiday in the UK and to be honest we are so used to the changeable conditions that its almost expected that we will need to dig out the raincoats at some point.

Cornwall is such a beautiful place to go and we having been visiting it for the past 11 years. If you have never been or are contemplating going, here are a few places I'd recommend.

For the past two years, we have stayed just outside Looe, which is a local fishing harbour with plenty of shops and restaurants as well as a small beach.

Looe Bay

Seaton Beach

Cornwall has some amazing coves and beaches and so I had to include Seaton Beach which was five minutes away from where we stayed at Looe Country Park.

Its is great for those of you that don't like crowded beaches. Its also dog friendly and we had a lovely time chatting to dog owners and being smitten by their dogs. 

And there is a wonderful beach cafe that serves some amazing food too!

The views at Seaton beach are stunning! 


Fowey is accessible by car, but you can also get the car ferry at Boddinick, which is quicker and, to be honest, a little more exciting and you get some fantastic views across the harbour.

For the past couple of years, we have visited The Well House which happens to be the oldest house in Fowey. Its a great tea house serving lots of wonderful food and if, like me, you can't eat dairy or gluten they cater for both of these offering gluten free sandwiches, cakes and scones..... yummy!!

The Well House

Frank the labrador  who lives at The Well House is a real hit with our son too and he really loved seeing him again. In fact we had to go back twice in the week we were there.  :D

There is a museum at Fowey for those of you that like to delve into some local history as well as a small aquarium. For us, the views across the harbour are one of the main reasons to visit. Oh and there just so happens to be a Seasalt shop there so I may have made a few purchases whilst there ;) 


Polperro is an ancient fishing harbour, which you can get to by taking a local tram from the main car park. We actually like the walk down which takes about 10 minutes as its such a beautiful walk. 

Polperro is great place if your into art as there is usually exhibitions of local artists on display for sale and there is a residing artist, Gina who has a shop there too.

When the tide is out there is a small secluded beach with a cave to go and explore.

There are also local boats that take you out on a tour of the coast line.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink and we favour the Ship Inn which provides some fresh fish dishes as well as catering for families and, like most of this part of Cornwall is dog friendly.

We are going to miss this view that we woke up to every morning. So we have already booked to go again next year. Yay!! 

I could go on, as there is so much more to show and tell you about this and other parts of Cornwall we have been to. Hopefully, I have provided you with a small taste of this part of Cornwall and you might even be tempted to visit in the future.

Have a great week Friends!!

Maria xxx

Friday, 5 August 2016

Handwritten Notes

Only the other day, I was looking in a birthday book that used to belong to my mother and it fell open to the front page where I realised it was actually a gift to her from her mother.

That same week, I was looking for a recipe in a book that was a gift from Maria, to welcome Betty Blue, into the neighbourhood.  You'll see that Maria does the same.  Now both these books have bought a huge smile to my face, and I was wondering who else still does this.

I remember as a child it was something done all the time, on giving a gift of a book, and I've certainly decided to do this to all books I give in the future.  Its a gift in itself, one that brings a smile and a happy memory later on through the ages when you open that book again.

What also made me laugh was when flicking through Mum's birthday book, was I must have got hold of it as a child, and yes, I put our dogs birthday done the same as mine. 
 I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and the sun shines on you.

Sandra xx

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Something Tasty

One of the things I've made from Fearne's book, Cook Happy Cook Healthy, that I spoke about on Monday, is Spiced Nuts.

Seriously yummy and actually quite easy.

Do try them, you won't be disappointed.