Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Spice Jars

I'm still on full decluttering and clearing mode, and recently I went through my spice draw and cleared it out. Actually, I didn't really have much of a choice, as the cupboard I was using is now where the flue runs through from the Aga, and its very very warm. Great for my china but not so good for food.

Anyway, I went through and got rid of all the out of date ones. Its shocking how many I had. Seriously, I would have sworn I only did this recently.
I set up searching for little jars that would look equally as good out of the cupboard and on show, as I'm still looking for the right spice storage.  These little Kilner jars came from Amazon, and I ordered too some chalk labels.

Here you are, heres my finished draw.
I do keep some spices in little baggies too, and those fresh herbs that I dry, get stored like that. Also, on a recent brocante shopping trip, I picked up these lovely little jars, and a few of these are filled. Again, with little baggies inside to keep them fresh.
I'm still a lover of fresh herbs as well, so often I have a little pot of something on my kitchen counter, and I'm thinking of either planting up a herb basket or a window box. I'll let you know how that gets on.



  1. The Kilner jars look great - your drawer looks so organised.
    I love those blue/white spice jars on your shelf - they were a fabulous find.
    Toni xx

  2. Those little jars look lovely x

  3. Cute Kilner jars - did you label them with a date too, so you can remember how they are? And I love, love, love your blue, white and pink display!

  4. Nice display on your new cupboard/dresser. Kilner jars are something I am going to need! Since I am not a huge spice fan, it does not often become a problem for me to have out of date spices. While more expensive I always buy the smallest jar possible. Now fresh herbs, I enjoy having in pots on the patio, especially Rosemary & Basil.


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