Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Home Management Binder

Something I thought I'd like to share with you, is my home management binder.  Sounds probably better than it actually is, but really its just somewhere to keep the day to day things that come in handy and normally get stuffed in a draw and lost.

So here it is;
The binder itself is a Martha Stewart one from Staples. I've had it a good few years, so I'm not 100% sure its still available

Inside I've put dividers and pocket pages, and I thought I might share these with you.  So, starting at the front.
I've put a sticky envelope where I keep our stamps. Saves hunting around for one, last minute when I've suddenly remembered a birthday card, I need to send. 
Next, I have a shopping list. Not one I tend to use a lot, but its almost as a memory jog of things I usually buy.  When I made it up, I did put a little area for menu planning, but I've since started bullet journalling, so this is no longer used.
As I say, I've divided them.
First are take-away menus
Next Recycling. We have textiles collected in our area, and if I put a bag out, I tend to stick a note saying that textiles are in it. So, I've several of these notes also stored in here. 
This section has council and local leaflets. We have an association that puts out a little booklet, I keep the latest ones in here. Along with any tradesmen type leaflets that might be of interest.
Health and Beauty is next. Details of our doctors, eye test details and and local beauty parlours 
The bears are next. I keep quick insurance details and their vet records here. 
Loyalty Cards and vouchers are next. 
Lastly, I keep tradesman's cards etc. here.  I used to keep monthly receipts too, but in my new decluttering bug, I've decided I need to keep less of them. Although any that I might need for returns or guarantee's, I keep under their month. 

I'd love to say it works perfectly ... but whenever Simon takes out a take-away menu, it never seems to find itself back where he found it, same with stamps really.  I think he thinks it comes with its own put back fairy too lol. 

Thanks for sticking with this photo heavy post, and I hope your week is going well.  I'll be back on Friday with another idea I have for storing those things we have hanging around our homes.  



  1. Great idea - it is all those little bits that get lost so readily - nice to have in one location. Pretty colour of the binder.

  2. Hi Sandra. Brilliant idea I love it it's really good to have everything together. 👍

  3. It must be a 'guy' thing Sandra. I have a notice board in the kitchen with a hook that has the take-away menus on...they can rarely be found there **rollseyes** LOL.
    I haven't been in Staples for ages but I was tempted by these pretty Martha Stewart bits - wish I'd bought some now.
    Have a great week.
    Toni xx


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