Monday, 25 July 2016

For The Love of Coffee..... An Update!

Happy Monday Friends!!

Its the start of the summer holidays and I have just received my new coffee machine just in the nick of time ;D

I suspect your wondering which one I decided to go for............

Welcome to my Sage Barista Express!!

It does look rather gorgeous, don't you think?

I have even set up a little coffee station for it :D

Slowly practicing the art of the cappacinno making :D

I am over the moon with my new coffee machine. It is very easy to operate with clear instructions on how to set up and get the best from your machine. Above all, the coffee it produces is fantastic. Of course, using the freshest roasted beans makes all the difference. At the moment, I am trying Rave, as they literally roast them a day or two before they dispatch them to you! So my verdict on the Sage Barista Express is that you won't be disappointed and I would highly recommend it!!

Have a great week Friends!!

Maria xx


  1. Oh I'd love a machine like that but I know it would be terrible for my waistline because I'd end up having too much sugar :) It looks like a great machine x

    1. Hi Jo, Thankfully I only have a little sugar and almond milk with my coffee otherwise my waistline wouldn't be happy lol :D xx

  2. Oh wow, that looks really professional! Looks like you'll be having fun experimenting.

    1. Thanks it really is a fantastic machine! I am having so much fun with it as well as enjoying fab coffee :D x


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