Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Faux Flowers

Now, I'm not the flower expert, oh no, that's Maria for sure, but today I thought I'd share a little tip, which my Mother in Law gave me.

She has a beautiful home, and great style, and part of that is that she little flower posies everywhere in her home, most of the time they're just little flowers (even flowering weeds) which she's picked from her garden and they're so so pretty.  Although in the winter that's less easy, so she has fake flowers.  Now one day, she had the prettiest of flowers on her table, and I really thought they were real, and that's when she told me her little secret.

She tears off a leaf or a petal, and leaves it on the table, like its fallen off the flower, which happens to her real ones all the time. Goodness, such a little thing, really made a big difference.

It was a perfect tip for me, because at the little house, I'm not there full time and I have a lot of faux flowers around ... So, I'm adopting her method.

If like me, you love having flowers around all year, faux flowers are perfect.  I've been buying mine now from QVC, as they sell the Peony brand, which have been endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.  You can buy them direct online and in shops too, I know John Lewis and Bentalls sell the brand.

I hope you're all enjoying our crazy summer.  One minute cold enough to light the fire, next we're all sweltering and rushing out to buy fans ... Got to love the British summer.  Happy Wednesday friends.

Sandra xxx


  1. A very handy tip.
    Yes our British weather really is going crazy at the moment - so difficult to know what to do or wear in this heat.
    Have a lovely week.
    Toni xx

  2. Oh, I am totally adopting this idea - off to pluck some petals from the middle of the vase that sits on the dining room table.

  3. Hi Sandra. Great tip I have a few bunches of faux flowers to try this with :)

  4. Faux or not, it is a lovely arrangement.

  5. I have a tip for you from my nan about fake flowers, to freshen them up and give them a clean you put the heads in a bag that has some talc in it and give them a shake, it cleans them and give them a lovely smell too! x

    1. oh I'll try that, thanks Jo xx


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