Friday, 8 July 2016

An Ikea Chair Makeover

Happy Friday Friends :D

As you may know from previous posts on a "bedroom redesign", our eldest son left home and his bedroom was allocated to our daughter. She has now moved across to her new bedroom, or the "departure lounge" as my husband now likes to call it, much to my horror!! This in turn has meant we have moved our youngest son across into her bedroom and he has inherited her furniture, which is only 12 months old.

One of the pieces of furniture was an Ikea Lilhojden swivel chair. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, except the colour. White is not exactly the choice colour for an 8 year old messy boy so a little makeover was in need.
LILLHĂ–JDEN Swivel chair, Blekinge white

This particular chair has removable covers so all I needed to do was remove them in preparation for their makeover.

I chose Dylon fabric dye as  I used this years ago when I was in my twenties. I had a pair of trousers that I lived and breathed in, they fitted so beautifully. The only problem was that the colour kept fading due to continuous wear. Dylon worked its magic and made them look like new every time :D

The product is the same as I remember it, although now it includes salt so no having to purchase this separately. They have an amazing array of colour choices available too.  I went with navy blue as any mucky fingers wouldn't be as noticeable as lighter colours.

And voila!!! The chair has been given a new lease of life and is perfect for our son and his messy fingers:D

I love that the white stitching has remained white due its synthetic qualities. It adds detail that stands out and makes it more unique.

The only thing, I have yet to do is remove/change the bow popper fastenings, but to be honest our son isn't that fussed about them. In fact he is over the moon with his new blue chair!

Hopefully, I have inspired you to give fabric dye a go, if you haven't already.  Maybe, you have a chair to revamp or a favourite pair of jeans or trousers that you want to give a new lease of life to.

Have a wonderful weekend friends and see you next week!

Maria xxx


  1. That looks great and I think the white stitching really finishes it off nicely x

    1. Thanks Jo :D I'm liking the white stitching too! x


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