Monday, 13 June 2016

Welcome to India...

Happy Monday Friends and I'd like to welcome you to India.....

Or I should say my new cook book that I picked up at the weekend :D

Not that I needed another book, I have more than I'd cared to admit, but being a foodie, I just couldn't resist!! You know how it is, you enter a bookshop and, without even thinking about it, you somehow end up in the cookery section. Fatal really as you then start to salivate over a new discovery.  I have found that I don't even have to enter a 'bookshop',  I seem to find temptation everywhere I go lol. I am convinced that I have built in tracker ;) 

This absolutely gorgeous book caught my eye, mainly because it was cleverly marketed (it was in a fab bag) and, yes we all succumb to packaging, colours and imagery at times whilst out shopping. Eye catching as it was, I did browse through the book before I decided to buy it. Essential really, if you are actually wanting to cook from it and not just using it for display ;)

Its a tome of a book at 815 pages and a 1000 recipes to boot. Its been written by Pushpesh Pant, a former professor in India, who has spent the past 20 years collecting authentic family recipes.

What I like about this particular book is that the recipes are clearly laid out with pages grouped in colours for particular foods.  What is even better is the tremendous selection of recipes to choose from. For example, there are several fish curry's each from a different region, with the ingredients varying for each one. Some do have ingredients that I haven't heard of before, so for now, until I find a good supplier, I'll be sticking with the ones I have and know.

For those of you that need a photograph with every recipe, you will be disappointed. However, there are enough of them scattered throughout the book to get an idea of what something should look like. The instructions to each recipe are well written so I don't mind there not being an accompanying photograph. Sometimes, common sense prevails ;)

Todays bookshelves are heaving with the latest celebrity or well known chef's latest contribution to add to our cooking, but I do think its important to be inspired by less known cooks out there. In this case, Pushpesh Pant has produced a wonderful collection of authentic indian family recipes that I am sure I will have hours of fun cooking, tasting and providing my family and friends with some wonderful meals from. 

So my message to you is don't be put off trying a cookbook because its not by some well known celebrity or chef.  It will give your cooking repertoire an edge that isn't just about the latest food craze!!

Have a good week Friends :D

Maria xxx


  1. I like cookbooks, I read them like novels. I think community fund raisers are some of the best because they are filled with stories & tidbits. I myself have been published (my recipes) in 3 cookbooks. I think your India cookbook does look interesting but I could never survive digestively most recipes.

    1. I probably read cook books more than I do novels ;) Sadly we don't really have that many community fund raisers here in the uk but agree, the more personal a recipe is and has a story behind it would make it more interesting. Well done for publishing your recipes! I'd be interested if you ever felt like sharing :D x


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