Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Product Reviews

This month, I have a couple of products that I thought I'd review for you.

This shampoo was actually a tester sample that I received when I ordered my cleanse & polish from Liz Earle, and I can honestly say, I've never smelt anything so amazing.  I do like changing my shampoo and I've never found anything that smells this wonderful when putting it on.  Its got a great lather, and the citrus smell in the morning is just what you need to wake you up.  The downside is the price, (£10) but a little goes a long way and I must say I'm tempted to get the full size and conditioner, as it left my hair feeling so soft.  I've recently been struggling with my hair, as its been so dry and damaged, but this really helped.  Even for a test size, it lasted ages. 

Next a product I've fallen in love with.
So much so, I'm not going to be trying any other body lotion for a while.  I think I mentioned that I've been suffering from dry skin since the beginning of the year.  I've tried a few different eczema related products and then I remembered this one.  A few years ago, I got Chicken Pox and read up on products that might help with the healing process, and this came out near the top.  Well, I'm now on my 2nd tube and have already got a 3rd waiting for when this one runs out.  Its fabulous.  Non greasy and doesn't really have a strong scent, so won't clash with your perfume.  Its moisturising quality is second to none. I can't recommend it high enough.  I've not had dry patches on my hands either from using this and where I had dreadfully dry skin on my elbows, its all cleared up.  Its an easy to get hold off product too, as I normally pick it up with my food shopping in sainsburys, and its relatively cheap too, so all in all a great product.  Same as the shampoo, a little goes a long way. 

Ok, lastly 
I know, I know .... very naughty, but I'm obsessed.  I first found a bar in my local Budgens. Apparently they're from the US, and if you like dark chocolate, you'll love these.  I may very well have bought our Budgens out of these, but I've really struggled to find them again.  So ..... yes, Amazon have them.  I'm being good and cutting them in half and having half one day, and the other half the next.  They are expensive, especially for chocolate, but then again, I'm often surprised at how much chocolate is these days. 

There you have it, a few goodies I've loved this past month. Wishing you a fun day 


  1. I might have to give the Aveeno a go as I've been getting sore elbows recently. Thank you for the review and the comment that the smell isn't too strong - I don't like lotions that overpower.
    Enjoy your chocolate. I'm not a great fan of dark chocolate but saying that, I'm rather partial to the dark choc version of Bounty (when I can find somewhere that stocks it LOL).
    Toni xx

    1. Oh I love dark chocolate Bounty too, Toni. Actually anything dark chocolate related is always a winner for me lol

  2. I've recently discovered Aveeno too - I have weird skin, it is very dry and a lot of body lotions just don't seem to sink in and do anything and I include some very expensive ones in that list, but Aveeno does actually seem to be absorbed and for the first time in a long long time I actually have soft skin. Keep an eye on Boots they often have the larger sized bottle with a pump on multi buy offers.

  3. Oh wow, I'm going to try and get some of those Milky Ways, I love dark chocolate! I use Aveeno for my hands and I love it x

    1. The sweetie shop in the Ashley centre sells them Jo, but goodness they're very expensive in there, but worth trying one xx

  4. I love Aveeno - I too have had very dry skin on my palms of my hands and didn't want to use a steroid based cream - Aveeno does the trick and it's not greasy! xx


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