Friday, 17 June 2016

How To Meal Plan When You Have a 101 Cook Books

Happy Friday Friends :D

As you probably know by now, I love to cook, the result of which, is I have a rather large collection of cookery books and no I haven't counted them, but to all those Marie Kondo fans out there, 'Yes they do bring me Joy!!' :D

There is a downside when you have a growing collection and, no it isn't running out of space to house them, not yet any way ;) The problem is, I have found myself cooking mainly from my newly acquired book/s until I discover my next find/s. I am finding myself  with an amazing collection of cookery books, only to find that they get abandoned by the way side because of my latest acquisition and more importantly, the family are constantly be experimented on which doesn't always have a happy ending lol

Recently, I have come up with a plan and its been helping me mix up my cooking from books old and new.

It was really quite simple. I got myself a notebook. My choice was a Leuchtturm as I adore these for there quality, choice of colours and page types (I like the dotted type).

At the moment, I have split it into three sections just using some tabs.



And Vegetarian dishes (Not shown, as to be honest I haven't written that many ;)

I have made a note of the recipe, title of book and page number, it was as easy as that.

I am adding each recipe that I have tried and loved from cook books old and new whilst adding a section for recipes I would like to try. With these sections in place, I can now add recipes as and when I have cooked them and more importantly, the family have enjoyed eating.

Recipes To Try/New

This way when I am planning my meals for the week, I will browse through my recipe record and choose which ones I'll be cooking for any particular week.

I have found this method ensure meals are varied, easier to implement and my family aren't constantly being surprised at dinner time with a new recipe :D

You could take this further with lunches, puddings, breakfasts, but for us, the evening meal is the most important as its the time our family comes together each day.

The whole process of setting up my recipe record notebook has been a wonderful experience as I am rediscovering meals that we have enjoyed and loved from years ago. I will be continuing to add to it using my collection as well as adding from any new purchases.

I'd be interested to know if any of you have a method to ensure your cooking from old and new books.

Have a great weekend friends and see you next week.

Maria xxx


  1. Hi Maria what a brilliant idea. I hadn't thought of doing that but thanks to you I will be doing this I'm off to choose my note book :)

    1. Hi Loraine, so pleased you've found this post useful. It was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me at the time ;) Its so easy to implement and you get to have fun going through all your cookbooks. It makes you fall in love with them all over again :D

  2. I like your notebook - such a cheery yellow. I have a sheet for each week's menu plan with a line for cookbook & page #. I have used this method for years & I do have the rule in place that there must be a least 1 new recipe a week. Sometimes there is 2 new ones. For recipes I find in magazines I have a ringed binder, broken into sections; Bird, Beef, Pork, Vegetable, Pasta etc. There is a separate binder for dessert recipes. I have tried creating an online version of the binders but we loose power so much I got frustrated. I would happily share recipes with you (comment from India cookbook post) How would you like me to share?

    1. I am impressed with how organised you are! That is a great system you have going. I write up my meal plan each week as I go. This way I can take advantage of any offers (I shop online for my main food) I am tempted to try your way though and see how I go... but I still need my recipe record to keep track lol :D

      Maybe you could share your recipes on your blog?? :D


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