Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Decluttering .... My Plan for the year

I apologies, if you're reading this post for a second time, or its showing up in your reader again. For some strange reason, blogger, decided to revert it to draft, once I'd published it, and even after friends had commented.  Not sure what's happening. 

I wanted to share with you just how I'm doing with my decluttering, and I'm happy to say, I'm a woman on a mission.

You may remember in a previous post (here) I said that I hadn't finished reading the Marie Kondo book, well I have now, and I'm pleased to say its given me the push I needed. Now I'm not keeping 100% to her method, but I'm prepared to give some of her ideas a go. I actually started decluttering last year then got waylaid half way through, so I'm back in the zone, so to speak. I'm also giving myself to the end of the year to get myself decluttered.  I have a dream, that by then I'll be able to open a cupboard or draw and not have everything fall out, and be able to find what I'm looking for instantly. Well, I did say it was a dream.

Something I won't be doing is piling everything up in the centre of the room, or on a table.  I tried it, but the anxiety that it gave me, wasn't worth it. It just looked a mess, and I couldn't really decide if anything gave me joy or not.  I just wanted it cleared and put away, certainly no joy in a mess.

I really needed to make some serious decisions as to did I really need things, or was I just keeping for keeping sake. I'm sure like many of us, we were bought up hearing the words,"You never know, when it will come in handy"

So, I started with our kitchen/family room.  It made sense to me to start here, not only is it the most difficult and cluttered room in our home, but as the kitchen is undergoing a makeover, I thought a clean slate would be the best way forward. First, I cleared my selection of mugs, baking sheets and kitchen utensils. Seriously, why am I always drawn to buying pretty mugs, and how many cheese graters, do you really need!

I also emptied these draws on my dresser, again, this was done while I was painting it, so rather than put everything back, now was the time to clear it.  Again, I found things I'd kept for no reason other than I thought I shouldn't throw them out.  One of these was a letter, that the Dogs Trust sent to me, thanking me for the donation from my fathers funeral.  Simon rightly reminded me that I'd never want to look at this letter again, it was a time of great sadness for me. So it was time to let it go.  I'm happy to say, I did and I don't regret it.

Ok, are you ready. Look at the state of these draws before! Shocking,

But now, I love opening them, and just staring at the emptiness.

I hope you're enjoying this journey with me, I'm loving it.  I have a plan to do a walk through blog post at the end of the year, to show you how I've done. Well, that's the plan anyway.


  1. Mugs are my downfall in the kitchen - I just can't resist LOL
    Toni xx

    1. what is it about them, that call us. Even day before yesterday in TKMaxx I was walking around with a mug that I thought I'd buy for ages, until I came to my senses lol

  2. OH I do like your scrapbook page - yes I am scrap lifting that idea ... decluttering is so emotional & for my riddled with guilt - I talked about it on my blog a bit. Mugs seem like an innocent purchase at the time until you get it home to join in the cupboard - oh yes I know of what I speak (col).

    1. Thats probably most of the problem I have. Things have so many memories attached to them. but it was hubby that helped me, by saying I'm not letting the person go, they'll never go. Its the object and that's all it is an object, that I'm letting go. I do feel better for it xxx

  3. 🙋🏻👏👌. As you know I'm on a mission too ☺️

    1. We're on a mission together, you and I. xxxx


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