Monday, 27 June 2016

A Bedroom Redesign - An Update

Happy Monday Friends :D

I thought I'd update you on the bedroom redesign for my daughter. Its not quite finished as we are awaiting a few pieces of furniture and accessories.

Here is a sneak peek of what has been achieved so far......

The room has been painted and the electrician finally turned up after a few delays and we had a pendant light fitted where there wasn't one before.

Also, we changed the wall light fitments to a design classic, Anglepoise 1227. I absolutely love them as does my daughter.

The electrician had to move the position of one of the wall lights over so it was positioned over the bed, which in turn meant filling in and retouching up the freshly painted walls, but it was worth doing so it was in the right position.

Part of designing a space is learning to be flexible as there will inevitably be some changes made to the original design plan due to  some unseen circumstance or two. In the case of this bedroom redesign, we decided to keep the other wall light in place after discussions with the electrician. This in turn meant we have had to move the bookcase to where the easy reading chair was going to be. We could have kept to the original spatial layout, but that would have meant  a shorter bookcase would have to be ordered and in the end, storage to the room was essential so the larger bookcase was ordered as originally planned. The space still works well with the defined areas.

The carpet has been fitted and a venetian blind was ordered, delivered and fitted. The blind was the perfect choice for this contemporary styled bedroom, which allows for more flexible control over the amount of light entering this multi functional room. 

Lastly the majority of the furniture has arrived...

So the hubby has had the task of putting it all together. :D

Thats all on the bedroom redesign until the end of July when we will have the bed and chair delivered and I will be able to reveal to you the redesign in its entirety. 

Have a good week Friends :D

Maria xxx

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