Friday, 27 May 2016

Houseplants That Help You Breathe Easier

Happy Friday Friends :D I can't believe another week has gone by and its half term for my children next week, yikes!!

A while ago, I posted here about houseplants and your wellbeing.

Today, I am talking about a few of the houseplants that are the best at cleaning your air within your home. So if you have any allergies, suffer from asthma or have other breathing related health issues, then these are some of the best houseplants you could have in your home environment.

Houseplants have amazing capabilities at cleaning and help fighting pollution in the air that we breath within our homes. Here are a few that I'd recommend and love.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Peace Lilies are one of my favourites. They add a touch of elegance to a room with their beautiful white spathes (flowers) against their dark green leaves. I think bedrooms are the perfect place for them. They are also easy to look after. If you should forget to water them, and, I must admit, I do occasionally, they let you know as they are inclined to droop whey they need watering. They actually fair better in darkened areas of our homes (they don't like direct sunlight), where you will find they will produce more flowers. This plant is great at absorbing toxins in your home environment and is one of the plants tested by NASA.

Spider Plants

Spider plants were big in the 60's and my mum actually had several of these hanging from macrame holders everywhere in our family home.  Little did she know, they are one of the most effective plants for cleaning up our air. Up to 96% of carbon monoxide can be removed  just by placing one of these in a smallish sized room. So if you live near a busy road, then this plant is ideal for you.  They are also extremely easy to look after and, a hard plant to kill! If your so inclined they are really easy to propagate too.


I'd recommend the Boston (Nephrolepis Exaltata) fern as it has the best rate of removing pollution from our homes at 20 micrograms per hour, compared to other houseplants that average around 10mg per hour. It is also one of the easiest ferns to look after. Bathrooms and kitchens are ideal rooms for these plants to thrive as they prefer humid conditions.  Spray misting is beneficial to this plant as it  helps prevent their fronds from drying out. They like indirect sunlight and are best positioned away from draughts. If you do go out and buy one and you find the fronds start to drop when you get it home, don't panic! It will need time to adjust to its new environment and should recover quickly.

So there you have it, just a few plants that can not only make your home look great, they will also clean the air in your homes and keep you healthy.

Thats all from me this week. Wishing you all a lovely weekend and for those in the UK hopefully you'll be enjoying the fact that its a bank holiday weekend and have an extra day to have some fun :D

Maria xx


  1. I love these plants and they look good. I do like plants around and it's good to now know these are good for cleaning the air think I may have to nip and get some. Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend xx

    1. They are great aren't they? :D Have a lovely Bank Holiday too xx


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