Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Garden Makeover - The Before Photos

Yup, sorry folks, but a new series from me will be starting.  I did warn you, that I had lots and lots of plans and ideas for our home makeover.

Last year, we had some work done on our garden, in the shape of a new patio.  This was done to keep the bears off the grass during the wet, wet, wet winter. Goodness, I'm so glad we did this, especially with all the rain we've had, but trust me at the time the work was happening, and Maria will tell you, I was moaning my head off.

Still, its done and I'm pleased with it, and this is how its looking now.

So as you can see .... now it needs prettifying (is that a word).

Our garden too was neglected last year, and to be honest the year before that as well, so as you can guess, I have a lot of plans.  The overall design is there, and the trees, etc. but its all just fallen into neglect a little.
A few yeas ago, we had the trees cut and a couple of dead ones taken out, but on the whole the design works for us, it just needs filing with some all year round interest.

we also moved the greenhouse and had some new vegetable beds built, but I'll share all that in another post, otherwise, it will be photo overload for you all. 

So there's the first bit ... I'll be back in another post to share with you, my vegetable plot and ideas.


  1. Hi Sandra I love you garden. Looking forward to seeing what you do. I'm in the middle of doing mine as well. We are in the middle of putting a little fence round the grass too so little paws don't get to muddy in the rain xxx

  2. I can also confirm that you moaned a lot when the garden was being done, not without a good reason though1 x


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