Thursday, 5 May 2016

April Empties ... Loves and Not so much

Can you believe that April has already come and gone! How is that possible.

Still, here are a couple of the thing I've used this past month, some I've liked, so not so much.
My hair is highlighted but over the past year, with all the processing (and bad hairdressers) it had got into a very dry and damaged state.  So I thought, I'd give it a little break and try a home colour.  Now standing in front of a counter full of different boxes and not having a clue which to pick, this one called out to me.  I saw the words "No Amonia", plus as you'll find out over time, I'm a big L'Oreal fan.  

So fresh the next Sunday (with unwashed hair, like they suggested) I set about with the gloves provided and into the bathroom I went.  First glance, there are more than a few bottles inside, but you only need to follow the instructions, which are really clear, and mix two of the bottles, into the largest one.  Half an hour later I was cooked.  Now that really appealed to me, as in previous ones, I've had to do my roots, then leave that for a while, then go back and do the rest, and leave that a while, then mix together ... blah, blah, blah.  Not this though, then wash out and use the conditioner they provide, and you're done. 

Now its been probably about 2 weeks since I did it, the colour is still really good and lasting (haven't seen a grey hair yet).  Its not maybe the colour I really like. I only say that too as I do miss my blonde hair, so I probably will take a trip to the hairdressers next time, or try another shade of this. I will say though its left my hair in really good condition, so all in all, I would use this again, without any hesitation. 

 Now this one, is my exception to the, I love L'Oreal rule.  I had run out of my usual moisutriser, so decided to give this a try.  For me, and again, this is just my opinion. I'll pass in the future. In fact, I've only used about a quarter of the pot.  It may be that it's just not for someone that wears makeup as I found it left a powdery residue. I used my primer on top of this, but it didn't feel right at first, so I tried my makeup without the primer. Again not a good feel and left my make up looking blotchy. 

I tried it on my neck too, as I thought that might help without makeup, but during the day, it left what looked like flakiness on my hands, when I rubbed my neck.  

As I say, please know these are just my thoughts on the product and it might very well work for you, in fact if you're not a makeup fan, it does leave the skin feeling lovely and soft. 

I'll leave it there for now.  Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a woman who loves experimenting with all the gorgeous new products out there. 


  1. Thank you for your views on these products, it is always nice to hear what folk think.
    I need to give my hair a colouring but the products I've used in the past have changed their numbering system so it has become very confusing - ho hum.
    Toni xx

    1. Its so frustrating when that happens Toni, and the choice is so great, it honestly takes a while to decide which one to pick. xx

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