Friday, 13 May 2016

A Tip for Lilies

Happy Friday Friends :D Yay its nearly the weekend!!

A little while ago, Sandra bought me these beautiful oriental white lilies.

I like their simplicity and their fragrance and, for me, they are best displayed on their own to enjoy the full beauty of them. Lilies in ancient mythology were thought to have come from the heavens as it was thought they were too beautiful to have come from the earth.

So I thought I'd offer some friendly florist advice for caring for these lovelies.

Firstly, always cut the stems at 45 degree angle (this goes for all flowers) as it helps them draw up water to the flower head. If you cut straight across,  the stems sit flat against the vase and struggle for water intake. Lilies are a thirsty cut flower, so check the water levels daily. Remove any fading flower heads by cutting them off so you can enjoy the beauty of each flower as they open.

One the reasons some people are put off by lilies is because of their pollen and the fact that it can stain. If you follow my instructions below, you won't have any problems :D

The trick is to pull out the stamens as soon as the flower starts to open

By picking them out at this stage, you will notice that they feel quite plastically and, guess what, they don't crumble and stain your fingers!! :D

Lilies produce a lot of pollen, but by removing them straight away, the petals of the flowers, you and your home will stay free of any staining. I was also told whilst training, that by removing the stamens, the flower head lasts longer.

TIP: If you do happen to brush past lilly pollen, you can easily remove it by getting sticky tape and dabbing to remove it.

Have a lovely weekend Friends and see you next week :D 

Maria xxx

 'If you have two pennies, 
with one you should buy bread 
which will give you life 
and a flower with the other, 
which will give you a reason to live'

(Chinese Proverb)

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  1. What a kind friend you have to bring you flowers. Lilies, especially the Oriental Lilies, are my most favourite, ever! I really like the scent which can be quite heady at times. I grow mostly around my patio for the scent, divine in the evening.


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