Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Kitchen Makeover - Cabinet Painting

Happy Wednesday friends.

I'm pleased to say, that its still all systems go with regards to the kitchen cabinet painting, and I'm still loving it. Although my home resembles a production line, I know it won't be for long and I'll soon have my dining room back, which has turned into my work room.

Lets get down to the facts about how you paint Kitchen cabinets.  I've been putting lots of photos up on my Instagram feed, and the feed back has been amazing.  So many people have asked me questions, it shows just how many people want to paint they're units but not quite sure where to start.

Once the doors were removed, I set them up on a paste table with blocks of wood underneath them, so that when I painted the edges, they stayed off the table and gave me a better finish and an easier access too.

I used a brush to get into the corners

And a small roller for the main body and doors. I used a foam roller designed for use with gloss paint.

As I stated before, I gave 2 coats on the inside of the door and draws and 3 coats on the outside.  Each coat required 4 hours of drying time. 

I'll leave it there for now, and be back next week with a little bit more of our kitchen renovation,  If you have any questions, please just shout, and I'll do my best to answer them.  I've really enjoyed the process, and I want to take the fear out of it. 


  1. Looking good! Your first photo of the finished work looks amazing.

  2. It's all coming together beautifully Sandra and the results will certainly be worth the hard work & mess.
    Toni xx


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