Monday, 23 May 2016

A Bedroom Redesign - It has Begun!

Happy Monday Friends, I hope you've had a fab weekend :D

Today, I am updating you on the progress we've made so far with the bedroom redesign.

The walls have started to see a lick of paint. As soon as the blue walls disappeared, the space automatically begun to take shape. Colour is such a powerful visual tool isn't it :D

Farrow & Ball All White & Purbeck Stone

The lighting has been ordered and is on its way. However,  the electrician is coming this week and I had to source different wall lights. The original wall lights I'd chosen weren't going to turn up in time. This isn't a bad thing, as I chose these lovelies, which to be honest are a much, much better lamp :D

Elephant Grey - ORIGINAL 1227 Brass Wall Light - Anglepoise
Elephant Grey - ORIGINAL 1227 Brass Wall Light - Anglepoise

Anglepoise is a British iconic lighting brand that has been producing practical, energy efficient task lamps since the 1930's and I absolutely love them!

If you ever get the opportunity, visit The Design Museum in London, you find a whole host of product, industrial, graphic, fashion and architectural designs, including Anglepoise. Its definitely worth a visit :D

I have also picked up a carpet sample.

TIP: Always, always get a carpet sample to see how it looks in the room that it is going to be fitted in. The lighting that the space receives, will be completely different to that in the shop, even if you step outside to view it in natural light. Like your paint sample, you really need to view it at different times of the day to ensure the colour and texture is exactly what you'd planned.

If you are decorating like us, you need to leave at least 10 days for the paint to completely dry off (skirting boards). You don't want any paint transference to your new carpet.

Thats all on the bedroom design for this week.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!!

Maria xxx

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