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A Bedroom Redesign - Colour Choices

Happy Monday Friends!!

I hope you've had a good weekend. Summer has finally arrived here in the UK and we've been making the most of the sunshine and even managed a trip to the seaside Yay :D

This week, its all about colour, which I hope you'll find useful for any projects you might be undertaking.

As you know, from my post 'A Bedroom Redesign - The Brief', our daughter provided me with a mood board and this had a strong colour choice of grey, yellow and white which actually fits really well with the use of the multipurpose bedroom space and her personality. These colours lend themselves really well to the simple contemporary redesign of this space.

Its always a good idea to collect swatches of your chosen colour scheme together like I have in my notebook as a guide for choosing accessories, lighting fixtures and furnishings. There are so many different shades, tones and variances that by doing this you have a gentle reminder when out shopping of what works.

Although this room will have many purposes, it is predominately a space for sleeping and relaxing so I decided to go with a soft grey as the predominant colour, which will act as a backdrop for the yellow and white to.  The proposed furniture pieces are mainly white, which will visually break up the grey walls. I am also using the yellow element of this colour scheme as the accent colour as it will visually pop and stand out against the grey and white of the space without dominating it.  Yellow is a great colour as it is so uplifting and cheerful.

DID YOU KNOW ....... Yellow is associated with happiness, joy intellect and energy. It is known to stimulate mental activity, is visually warming, arouses cheerfulness and generates energy. 

I decided to go with Purbeck Stone, Farrow & Ball paint for the walls as its a lovey neutral soft grey which will add a relaxed feel to the space. It has mid tones so will work well with the use of pops of yellow that will be added through the accessories and lighting choices I have made for the redesign.

Grey is perceived as a neutral, cool, but balanced colour. It is a timeless and practical colour but can appear emotionless and/or even moody depending on the shade/tones you use. 

Colour appears differently under different lights so be careful when choosing a colour as its appearance for example in a shop will be completely different in the space you are going to decorate. Natural sunlight and artificial lighting can create a completely different colour appearance.

Wall swatch painted and viewed early morning.

Wall swatch viewed late evening.

TIP: Paint on at least A4 sized paper and attach it the wall of the space your going to redecorate. Then look at how how the colour changes at different times of day to ensure, your colour choice is going to be the correct one.

Colour is a powerful element of any design scheme as it is the first thing we notice when we enter a room. It can have a real effect on how we perceive a space and should be given as much attention as possible when designing any space. It really is an exciting tool as it is has such an instantaneous impact. It's great for communicating the style, atmosphere and mood of a room so bear this in mind when deciding on what colours to go for.

DID YOU KNOW....... Men and women see colours in different ways? This is due to the distance between individuals eyes which can affect the way we perceive colour.

TIP: Choose a colour scheme which is representative of the style of the room and really think about what type of atmosphere/mood you want to create. For example, using delicate pastel colours creates a soothing, pretty setting which would be perfect for a feminine relaxed feel to a room. Whereas, reds and oranges are great for dining areas as these colours encourage us to communicate (have a look around next time your eating out and you'll see these colours used a lot. Although, I'd recommend deeper shades of red for dining rooms as they are easier on the eye.

So there you have this weeks update on the bedroom redesign. I hope your enjoying following along as I will be continuing next week with more of the design scheme and hopefully providing you with useful tips for your own homes.

Have a good week Friends!! :D

Maria xxx

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  1. They are great tips and I love the colour scheme x


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