Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Bedroom Redesign - Chosen Layout

Hi Friends,

I am a little behind getting this post out to you, but we've had incredibly busy bank holiday weekend so many apologies to you all!!

Last week, I explained about spatial planning and its importance and left you wondering which layout I had decided to go with.

So here is the one I have chosen.....

This layout won through because it had clearly defined areas for the different tasks that would be carried out within the space. For example dressing, make up and hair are all grouped together and relaxing and reading is in close proximity of the bookcase.

A lot of us tend to place all our furniture against the walls, but by the bed facing into the room it automatically creates interest and makes it feel more cozy and inviting. There is no point in there being a lot of dead space in the middle of the room!

The entrance to the room is unobstructed and instantly gives you a welcoming feel to it as there are no big bulky furniture pieces on view.  One of our daughters requests was to have her desk by the window and this worked well as this is where electric sockets are.

TIP:Its also important to remember the space needed to open doors and drawers for functionality. As well as moving around the room and not forgetting standing and sitting.

Once I had decided on the chosen the layout and, using the brief for the design of the bedroom,  I have then went on to source the furniture that would fit the space.

1. Bedside Table (Ikea),   2. Brusali Chest of Drawers (Ikea), 3. Micke Desk (Ikea) 4. Brusali Wardrobe (Ikea), 5. Brusali Bookcase (Ikea), 6. Hygena Odette Bed, 7. Habitat Office Chair, 8. Hygena Lexie Retro Chair, 9. Kragsta Nest of Tables, (Ikea)

The proposed furniture has been chosen for its simple form which is in keeping with the design brief that our daughter gave us. Each piece of furniture compliments each other, which will create a cohesive look to the room. The colour choices have been kept to white and grey as the yellow will be the accent colour to the design scheme which will lift the look of the space. Each piece of furniture has been chosen for its functionality for example, the wardrobe is large enough to accommodate her clothes, but has the added bonus of a mirror for dressing.

TIP: Remember your brief when choosing your furniture and check ALL measurements of furniture to ensure they fit into your space. If you don't, you could find yourself wasting time and money on furniture that doesn't fit or suit the space.

Furniture is usually the most costly part of any design scheme and by planning the space and checking measurements as well as making sure your choices match up with the look and style of your scheme, you can't really go too wrong.

Next week, I will be continuing with the design of the bedroom and updating you each step of the way.

Have a good week friends!

Maria xxx


  1. It looks like you are well on your way with this project. Nice floor plan.

  2. Oh it's looking really good. I love this

  3. Great ideas are coming from this project - thanks for sharing. I like the choice of layout.


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