Monday, 16 May 2016

A Bedroom Redesign - Accessories

Happy Monday Friends, I hope you've had a good weekend :D

Following nicely on from last weeks Colour Choices, I'm showing you the accessories, I have sourced for the redesign of our daughters bedroom.

Accessories are the part of the design scheme that brings everything together. They really bring it to life. Its your chance to show your personality and style whilst bearing in mind your design brief.

In this instance, the accessories are going to add the pops of yellow colour to the greys and whites of the design scheme. They show the contemporary fun style that suits our daughters brief and not forgetting her personality.

Langesund Mirror  (Ikea), Artificial Tulips, (Amazon), Grey Basket Storage (Next), Scion Mr Fox Rug (John Lewis), Inspirational Typography Prints (,  Nanako Bedding, Sulphur (John Lewis), Geometric Wallpaper for bookcase backing (Amazon), Sigel Magnetic Memo Board (Amazon), Scion Mr Fox cushion (John Lewis), Chevron Zig Wave Linen Cushion (Amazon)

I have also included my lighting board for the bedroom so you can see how I have implemented the colour choices and the style of the fittings to create a cohesive scheme.

Nostralux Modern White Wall Light Sconce (Amazon),  Ariel Ceiling Pendant (Habitat),   Tommy Desk Lamp (Habitat), Tommy Floor Lamp (Habitat)

Things to bear in mind when choosing your accessories are:-


Texture is key to creating an interesting space. For example, if you were to decide to go for an all white bedroom, to stop it from looking mundane and flat visually, your accessories, should provide lots of interest by sourcing different types of texture.  An example of this could be a chunky knitted throw against a  linen bedspread. Another could be matte painted walls with gloss picture frames, if you have contrasting textures within a space, your mind can differentiate between them even if they are still the same colour. So remember texture lifts and creates interest. It is very important!!


Try out different pattern combinations. With my design scheme, I have included some accessories that have geometric patterns, but they are all slightly different and work with each other. This creates a visual cohesive look but also their difference creates interest.

TIP: Try not to source all your accessories from the same supplier or you will end up with a scheme that is too stylised and looking like it came out of a shops magazine/catalogue. Its tempting to look through a shops catalogue and  be inspired to recreate a space they have portrayed, just don't copy it piece by piece!  Mix it up and you will create an interesting look to your room that is unique to you!! For example, I could have chosen the Mr Fox Scion bedding that matches the rug and cushion, but by choosing a different bedding set, I have created a less stylised look and, again, makes it more visually interesting. 


Think about the form (shapes) of the pieces you are choosing. For example, the bedroom furniture I have chosen has a lot of straight lines apart from the chair and the bed. Adding different shapes, such as the round Langesdun Ikea mirror above the chest of drawers provides a contrast in form and, again, visual interest.

Choose pieces that are fit for purpose and are functional for the space your creating.


Artwork is a very personal choice, but hopefully, these typography prints whilst looking great will also inspire and motivate my daughter whilst studying :D  The fluid writing adds some softness to the walls, but also stand out.

I hope that you can see that by sourcing accessories beforehand, you can really build a picture of the end result and ensures your on the right track to a great design scheme. You can, of course, add more pieces later on.

Thats all for now.

Have a great week Friends!!

Maria xxx

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  1. Such a lovely colour combination. Trendy yet restful, it's going to look fab!


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