Friday, 29 April 2016

Summer Clothing Plan

Happy Friday. Its a bank holiday here on the Monday coming, and in the past, I do know that May has been the month, I start thinking about my summer clothing and start itching to get my suitcase down from the loft.  Now, as I type this, I look outside and its raining (again) and I'm freezing, so maybe this weekend, I may give it a miss, but I have started doing a little summer shopping.

So, remember that post with me finding my style.  Well firstly, I've decided to try (not totally) to think about the capsule wardrobe. I like the idea of having clothes that compliment each other, and can mix and match.  A more grown up style, if you wish ... well, thats the plan. So with this in mind, I've come up with this colour scheme .... Navy, White & soft pink.  I can then include some of the new nudes and greys that are around at the moment.  I can also add in other colours that go nicely. I mean, how doesn't like Navy and Yellow!  So, here are a few that I picked up the other day. 
Of course, you know me, so I have a Pinterest board on the go, which I'll be adding more too.  I love that Maria says we're in our Middle Youth, so that's what our boards are called.

 Happy Weekend friends

 Sandra xx


  1. Oh to forward think of a summer wardrobe - I just pulled out my winter coat again, temperatures refusing to rise above 5(c). I will take that Middle Youth descriptor !

  2. I have unearthed and laundered my summer clothes over the last couple of weeks and MOSTof the long sleeves have been put away xx

  3. Middle youth? I like that idea! I do like that colour combination of the peach with the navy and grey. I'm also liking the stripes; I had a very 'stripey' summer last year!

  4. Sounds like your new wardrobe is going to be nicely co-ordinated. I love navy & lemon and grey & lemon.
    Toni xx

  5. The colours all go together so well. I like to mix and match. I'm trying to do that more this year.


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