Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

As I explained in earlier posts, our home is in need of updating and renovations.  So I thought I'd start with what I feel is one of my most important rooms in our home. In fact, its probably the same for most of you. Its the heart of the home, the kitchen.  Now, both Simon and I love to cook, I do the what I call everyday meals and I love baking, whereas when Simon cooks, goodness does he do it in a big way. We once had a duck hanging over our bath for 2 days as he basted it to make Peking duck .... which turned out amazing.

Our kitchen was installed by Simon, over 13 years ago, and although its still in a good condition, it just needed updating.  The sun had bleached it and one day, I could actually count 4 different tones of the wood.

So after much research and panic we decided to paint it.

Now, over the next few weeks, I'll share more with you of the renovation, but like the Chalk paint, I thought, I'd share some of the tips, that I've picked up along the way of what works, and what doesn't.

Now I also want to say, I'm not a professional at this, so these tips are just what I've found works for me. I'm sure if you talk to others, they may well say I'm wrong, but I've loved, loved, loved painting our kitchen, and I want to take the fear out of it, if you're thinking of doing yours.

So firstly, I do suggest, if you can, removing the doors and panels to make painting easier.  This also makes filling any holes easier.  We did this, as I wanted different handles, so we got a good wood filler and then sanded all the wood down.  Do this really really well, as I know that the preparation is dull, but oh it will help in the long run.

I then washed all the wood down, first with household wipes, and then just in case they left any residue, I used sugar soap wipes.
Next, and and honestly can't stress this enough .... use a good primer.  Again, this was something I did a lot of research on, and Zinsser came out the best.  Its a good shellac primer that can be used too under chalk paint on dark furniture
I used this on each side of the doors, using a roller, and just one coat on each side, its touch dry within an hour, so you can turn it over, and do the other side.  Ready for the main event. 

I'll leave it there for now, and I'll be back next Wednesday with the next part .... the fun part. 



  1. I am most interested & curious how this task goes. I have been going back & forth about painting our kitchen cabinets - such a commitment.

    1. I was exactly the same as you. In fact so much so, this job was meant to be done at the start of last year. I'm over the moon now though, but you're right, you've got to make sure its what you want x


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