Friday, 15 April 2016

In the spotlight this week

My spotlight this week, is also about reminding me to get my act in gear ... so I'm sharing with you, and this is just a brief share; my bullet journal books.

Both Maria and I are trying out bullet journalling, and I know that we each will be sharing more about it, in our own posts in future dates.  But for now, I just thought I'd share with you my latest journal.  Its going to be my organisation one for blogs ... and well, I just LOVE the colour.

Its a Leuchtturm1917, dotted in azure and A5 in size. My photo doesn't seem to do the colour justice, its lovely and vibrant.  I've decorated mine (of course I would lol). I just love the project life card that says ... Say Yes to new Adventures.  It couldn't be more perfect for my blog ideas. Also, you'll see the journal I'm using everyday, and so far I have to say the system works for me.
There you have it from me today, Happy Friday friends, and now over to Maria.

Sandra xx

Notes a l'infini (Endless Notes)  by L'Atelier d exercises

Happy Friday Friends :D

I'm loving Sandra's journal covers :D . This week, I am showing you one of my finds that helps keep me organised in the kitchen.

Its the Notes a l'infini (Endless Notes)  by L'Atelier d exercises. It is perfect for shopping lists and I love it. Its practical, functional and aesthetically looks great. I love its simplistic design and it works really well in our kitchen. To be honest, I initially got this to organise the family as I was fed up of them not telling me something had run out or they would tell me when I was busy and I would forget.

You can buy here at Made In Design or at Amazon

It can be used wall mounted or used flat on a desk, side or table. Its made from steel which makes it sturdy and solid and is excellent quality. With two paper rolls (30m) and a pencil with eraser which slots into the top of the roll makes it practical and should last for a long time. There are small holes to the left that are at centimetre intervals, which acts as a guide if you like evenly spaced notes. The serrated edge at the bottom cuts the paper nicely too :D 

I wall mounted mine using these beauties. I am a very impatient person and waiting for the hubby to get the drill out and find the time drives me nuts. These are fantastic and so easy to use and you can hang anything in under 5 minutes. (I have even hung a giant heavy notice board in my youngest sons bedroom  with these)  :D
I positioned it next to our weekly meal board, which the family always look at because they are always hungry! 

Its easy for me and, more importantly, the family, for adding what we need if something runs out or is needed as they simply add it to the list instead of telling me :D So there you have it the Notes a l'infini (Endless Notes)  by L'Atelier d exercises is the perfect organisational tool for all those list lovers out there. 

Have a great weekend Friends!!



  1. Pretty notebooks Sandra and that 'note-roll' is a great idea Maria.
    Toni xx

    1. I'm loving that note-roll too Toni, think I might need one like that xx

    2. Sandra, I haven't told you but they now do it in blue :D xx

    3. You wicked woman tempting me like this lol

  2. Those notebooks are wonderful! I tried something similar to bullet journaling last year & can see how it works wonderfully. I'm still using a paper calendar, but this year I created my own with a variety of pages & that's working well.

    Love that endless list!!


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