Monday, 25 April 2016

A Bedroom Redesign - Spatial Planning

Happy Monday Friends :D

This week I am having a good old chat about spatial planning, which is the next important step of the  bedroom redesign.

By spending time working out the layout of your room, you can see how the room will flow in terms of:-

  • Manoeuvrability- can you walk around freely within the space with no obstructions
  • You can make sure you have defined areas of activity (In this case, sleep, study, dressing, relaxing) 
  • See what space you have to play with overall and, importantly, where to put your furniture. 
  • Its also essential for working out your lighting at a later date and, if necessary, additional electrical sockets etc.

First things first, measure, measure and measure! Its important to measure as accurately as possible to ensure the best possible start when planning your space. You don't need anything high tech, a tape measure, pen and paper is all you really need.

Make sure you record all your measurements on a piece of paper as you go so you have a permanent record of them. 

If your room has a window make sure you measure and document this aspect of the space by drawing an elevation of the window wall. 

Elevation Measurements of Bedroom Window

TIP: To make sure your window measurements are accurate, measure from the top to bottom from the central point and then repeat either side. You will find, in most cases, that the window will be slightly longer in drop or width by 0.5/1cm always go with the longest measurement. This will ensure that when you come to choosing window treatments you will have the correct drop. There is nothing worse than a curtain or blind that doesn't quite reach the sill.

Once you've got all those measurements down, you can begin with the fun part...... planning your space, Yay!! :D

From the design brief  last week, I need to incorporate the following furniture into the floor plan I have measured out:-
  • Bed
  • Bedside Table
  • Desk
  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Dressing table
  • Shelving
  • Relaxed seating area
As you can see, there is quite a lot of furniture for this space because of its multifunctional uses.

I decided that to save space, I would double up the use of the chest of drawers and use it as a dressing table i.e.., place a mirror on top for checking hair and makeup.  This will keep my daughters desk area solely for studying. 

Try out as many layouts to the space as possible so you can really see what works where and validate the reasons for its positioning or why it doesn't work. You may be surprised by how many you come up with and how different you can make a room look just by positioning the furniture differently. 

TIP: You don't need to be exact with the furniture dimensions at this stage. Just sketch out some drawings with the layout you have drawn and see what works. Once you've got the layout your happy with then you can be more exact with measurements when you've sourced the furniture which will be another step of the redesign.

Below are a few of the different layouts I designed with brief notes explaining the pros and cons. Yes, I know mine look neat, but please don't think you need some fancy computer programme, hand drawn rough sketches will do just as well. It's the process of trying out different layouts that is the important part of this development stage, not how neatly you've drawn a line. You do not need to be an artist ;)

So as you can see there are notable differences on how the room could look. It is a worth while exercise to do as you are making sure that you end up with the best solution to your brief. 

Want to know which one, I have gone for? Find out next week when I'll be moving on to sourcing furniture and furnishings for the chosen layout.

Have a good week friends :D



  1. Great tips for getting starting on a project like this. We're currently emptying a room that will become the dining room/library, so I'll be taking measurements and doing some layouts soon, too.

    1. Thanks Melissa :D

      Sounds like an exciting project your undertaking! x

  2. I am enjoying following your process. Good luck with the decisions, large and small.

    1. So pleased your enjoying this Susanne. Thank you :D x


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