Monday, 11 April 2016

A Bedroom Redesign - The Beginning

Happy Monday Friends, I hope you had a good weekend :D

My eldest son has recently flown the nest to live with his girlfriend. It's scary how they grow up so fast!

Being the eldest, he had the largest bedroom and now the inevitable has happened and our daughter is now claiming the vacant bedroom, which, of course, means our youngest will then be wanting to move into her bedroom.  I can see we are going to be very busy over the coming weeks and months. So it's been all hands on deck stripping the room back ready for redesigning and decorating for our seventeen year old daughter.

We actually haven't decorated this room for several years and, to be honest, it is one of the rooms in our home that is in desperate need of revamping, we just haven't been able to get in there and at times didn't even want to! Those of you with, or have had teenage sons, will know exactly where I am coming from ;)

There are a lot of people who post before and after shots of interiors that they have done of a room and they are great for inspiration, but they don't always show or tell you how they've gone about it. So I'd thought you'd like to follow me on the design process and how I am going to redesign and decorate this room for our daughter. So here goes :D

The Beginning...

We have emptied the room and removed the carpet, so it is now ready for me to start. It's a complete blank canvas which is great. We won't be making any structural changes and it is in pretty good condition so we are of to a good start.

When designing any room, there are 7 design principles to adhere to. They are, lighting, colour, texture, space, form, accessories (objects) and furniture and I will be showing you how, and why, they are so important to creating the perfect living space.

First things first, this room has one clearly noticeable problem that we cannot ignore and that is it has a problem with the lighting, although it does receive  plenty of natural light through the large window, it is  seriously lacking in additional ambient (basic) lighting.

Good amount of natural light is received during the day 
There is no ceiling pendant and there are two wall lights, which are quite frankly just the most awful and nondescript lights I have ever seen! They were there when we moved in and at the time we just tried to hide them by having them painted). Back then, I hadn't studied or gained a degree in interior design, so you have to forgive my ignorance about lighting and it was honestly just supposed to be a quick fix until we got round to changing them.

These wall lights seriously need to go!!

The other offending wall light!!

Lighting is really, and I mean, REALLY important to any space and its essential part of any interior. It effects colour choices, enhances a room,  provides decorative aspects, helps us with tasks, creates interest, provides atmosphere, I could go on, but hopefully you get the picture!  Good lighting will provide shadow and light to a room, which is essential other wise you will end up with a bleached washed out look to an interior, which is definitely not a good look. It is a crucial part of our lives and extremely important to interiors. Light brings rooms to life and can alter our perceptions of them. I am guessing by now that you can tell I am officially obsessed with lighting ;) 

Back to the room in question.  It is lacking in ambient lighting. Ambient Lighting is the "general" light that comes from no visible source and comes from all directions in a room. This can be from natural sources such as windows or the lighting that replaces daylight.  It provides an overall level of basic lighting and allows us to carry out tasks and navigate around a room. This level of lighting doesn't need to be overly bright. It is the first level of lighting to add other lighting to, such as decorative, accent and task lighting, which in turn creates interest whilst being practical (we all need to be able to navigate our homes at night ;). ) It is very much the basis to build other lighting on.

So my advice to you is always assess the amount of natural light a room receives and what changes you need to make, especially ambient lighting at the beginning of redesigning any room. It is the basis for adding other levels of lighting such as task, decorative and accent lighting to. The key to successful lighting is to decide what you want to light first and work backwards to determine the solution.

Acknowledging the lack of ambient lighting, I can move on with planning the space. Over the coming weeks, I'll be sharing with you each step of the design process so you too can create the perfect living space.

Have a good week friends :D



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the evolution of this room! We've just emptied my craft room & are moving in Robbie's collectible toys instead. First, we turned the ceiling fan blades over to the lighter side, cleaned the light fixture (which provides great light in this room), and changed the bulbs to the new daylight ones. We've installed a new shelf along the wall near the ceiling for display, too.

    1. Thanks Melissa:D It is always exciting to do a spot of redesigning and decorating. It sounds great what you have done so far to your craft room. I love that just by your changing the ceiling blades over, you've created a lighter look to your room. You will have to keep me posted with your room updates :D

  2. Oh, I can't wait to read more on this! I have a room that has been vacated by my son that I want to turn into a guest bedroom whilst still keeping it as 'his' room when he comes home to visit. But he's been moved out over a year now and it still looks the same as the day he left it! I can't wait to read more and steal a few of your ideas!

    1. Thanks Debs :D To be honest we were going to keep the room the same for the "just in case" scenario, but we've been wanting to redecorate in there for so long, we kind off just seized the moment :D

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing this room progress.
    Toni xx

  4. Decorating is one of those things that has an emotion of two extremes built into one - joy/frustration. I agree about lighting. Let's hope that eldest son is not a boomerang child (lol).

    1. I really love the design stage and seeing a scheme come together. Not that everything always goes smoothly lol but when you see the end result its worth it :D I'm hoping he's not otherwise he's going to have to contend with his sister ;)


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