Friday, 25 March 2016

In the Spotlight this week

Another Friday, another spotlight from Maria and myself.

This week it was something I'd seen on someone's instagram feed, and just fell in love with it.  So a little eBay searching and this beauty is now gracing my iMac.
They come in lots of different images and just easily slide onto your screen.  They even have a tattooed snow white if that takes your fancy lol.

Have a lovely Easter friends 

Delfonics Craig Pouch

Happy Good Friday friends :D   I'm a woman on a mission at the moment with trying to be more organised, especially with all the chaos that family life brings. Part of that quest and, relatively new to me, has been Bullet Journalling, which is keeping me sane. However,  I needed something to protect my beloved Bullet Journal when I was out and about, as well as having everything to hand when I needed it, such as pens, sticky notes etc. Oh, and it had to be super stylish and colourful ;) After much searching, I found the perfect pouch.....

Tahdah......... welcome to my new Delfonics Craig pouch :D 

Its a wonderful bright blood orange colour, which is perfect for locating my bullet journal when the hubby decides to do his usual lets put everything in a huge pile on the side because thats what he calls tidying up!! It drives me crazy, but I have to give him credit for trying ;)

Its the perfect size for putting my Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal in the front popper section for easy access.

 And the deep zippered section has loads of room for putting my pens, post its, stickers and labels in, so everything is together, making a more organised me Yay!! :D

This little quote just inside the pouch puts a big smile on my face and puts life into perceptive with all the craziness that is happening around us :D

Happy Easter to you all!!

Maria xx


  1. Two great items to spotlight this week! Sandra, I especially like the still life photo you created to showcase the Snow White! And I can think of several uses for that pouch!

  2. Lovely items that have a practical use to them. Great spotlight.
    Toni xx


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