Friday, 18 March 2016

In The Spot Light This Week......

Happy Friday friends... :D

This week, both Sandra and I have got a little something to share with you on our "In the Spot Light This Week....."

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Spray Oil

A trip to the hairdressers and I have discovered a new hair product,  Kerastase Elixir Ultime Spray Oil.  Apart from its potential offerings for healthier, smoother, shinier hair (which for us in our middle youth are in need off as our hair becomes coarser and more brittle). It has an absolutely divine smell. Its light and natural perfume is heavenly without being over powering. None of your sickly fruity,  cloying smells. I personally, really don't get why you'd want to have hair that smells of pineapple or fruits of the forest.

I was sold on this product just for its scent alone, but I did learn from my hairdresser  about the difference between serums and oil sprays, which I didn't know. Serums only add a "cosmetic" shine and have no actual benefit to your hair whereas "oil sprays" are beneficial as the oils are absorbed into the hair, offering nourishment, protection and shine with the added bonus of not adding weight to the hair unlike some bottled hair oils that can leave your hair looking rather lank.Here are its uses:

Pre-Cleanse - Spray to hair before rinsing before shampooing to remove styling and daily products.
Pre-Blow Dry - Spray to towel-dried hair and blow dry to maximise shine, protect and nourish the hair.
Finishing Treatment - Spray and work into ends of hair to stop the frizz, whilst smoothing and adding shine.
Touch Up - Spray throughout the day for additional shine.

I like the fact that it contains four natural oils, Argan, Maize, Camelia and Pracaxi and you only need one to two sprays on wet or dry hair, making it economical to use. I am giving it a try as it will hopefully help with the frizz as it has a 24hr anti-humidity benefit and, of course, because it smells divine :)
Maria xxx

Easter Decor

Well I have to say after reading Maria's post, I think I'll be heading down to he hairdressers to buy a bottle. 

From me today, I'm sharing a little Easter decoration that I bought the other day. I'm a huge fan of Instagram, not only is it a friendly place and full of inspiration, but I love that small business often show their wares.  

So how happy was I when this little letter showed up on my Instagram feed.  I quickly said yes please, and placed my order.
I'm over the moon with it on my shelf and please do pop on over to her Etsy shop, Hugs and Hearts, and see what other goodies she has. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 

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  1. Sounds like a good hair product if it doesn't create that 'lank' look.
    That letter is adorable.
    Toni xx


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