Friday, 4 March 2016

In the Spot Light This Week.....

Each week, Sandra and I will be sharing a little something we have found, experienced or added to one of our growing wish lists. We hope you are as excited about our finds as we are :D

This week in the spot light we have......

The Daylesford, Fig Leaf Candle 

I love candles and how their soft glow of light can add a magical feel to a room. I especially love scented candles and the ability to choose different fragrances to suite my mood, which does absolute wonders for your wellbeing. Candles create a lovely ambience in the evening or in my case on a cold wet grey afternoon and there have been far too many of them late!!!

Much to my dismay, there has been some very bad press on air fresheners and scented candles in the home recently. Studies have found raised levels of limonene, which is used in air fresheners and scented candles to give a lemon fresh smell and can cause a number of serious health related issues. Not prepared to give up on my love of scented candles, I thought it was time, I went down the all natural route with my candle buying.

This week, I tried a new candle that was on offer with Ocado, (online food shopping saves me time, effort and energy), the Daylesford Fig Leaf candle.

Not to be disappointed, the Daylesford candle is all natural, including its cotton wick and is free from paraffins and GM derived waxes. Yes it does cost a little more than your average candle, but if you add in there are no nasties being burnt whilst using the candle, its slow burn rate and the fact that it provides a clean fresh, natural smell to your home, that pretty much sells it to me. I also love the fact the simple glass container is re-purposeful and practical with its clip lid unlike most candle containers.

So there you have it, the Daylesford Fig Leaf candle. If you head on over to Ocado, they still might have it on offer with 20% off.  Or why not order direct from, where I have discovered a whole range of products on offer. What is fantastic about this family run farm is that it is one of the most sustainable and organic farms here in the UK and in my books supporting companies like Daylesford means looking after our planet.  Perfect!!! :D

Maria xxx


  1. I hadn't realised how many 'nasties' can be found in some air fresheners until my daughter mentioned it recently. How lovely that you've found a good quality natural product!

  2. I know, debs14, it is really quite shocking and as we tend to burn candles more in the winter, we are breathing it all in with our windows and doors tightly shut to keep out the winter cold. Thanks for following :D x


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