Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Easter Friends - A Tip for Daffodils

Happy Easter friends :D

The Easter break may find you meeting up with family, going to church, or just simply enjoying the extended break and relaxing at home.

For me, the epitome of Spring and Easter, is seeing the daffodils bobbing up and down on the road sides, in gardens and in the home.

Today, I'm bringing you a quick tip on these lovely flowers that I learnt whilst training as a florist.

Did you know that daffodils ideally should be arranged in water on their own?

Daffodils produce a sap when they are cut, which reduces the life of other cut flowers if mixed.

If you want to arrange them with say other spring flowers, such as tulips, the best thing to do is cut the stems of the daffodils and stand in a vase of clean water for a couple of hours to let the sap leak out and then run the stems under some cold water. You can then arrange them with other flowers.

Personally, I think they look just fabulous on their own :D

My Easter Sunday morning. You can't beat a Nespresso coffee in a Wrendale mug (Good Hare Day), and a gluten free hot cross bun :D

Have an enjoyable Easter Sunday Friends and see you next week!

Maria & Sandra


  1. I love daffs and the splash of sunshine they create everywhere. I think they look super on their own too as they are a lovely sign that the year is moving towards the better weather.
    Toni xx

  2. My mum taught me that daffodil sap kills other flowers, I didn't realise you could mix them if the daffs have been allowed to soak for a while. Thanks for sharing your advice!

  3. Great tip! Happy Easter to Y'all!

  4. Your a girl after my own heart Toni. Yes, these lovely flowers are our little rays of sunshine at this time of year :D

    Maria x

  5. debs14, its great to learn something new isn't it :D The sap runs out as soon as you cut them so standing them in water for a while helps get rid of most of it. I still like them on their own though.

    Maria x

  6. Melissa, Happy Easter to you as well :D

  7. Oh to be SO lucky as to have a field of daffodils. I can never bring myself to cut my daffodils blooming in the garden, but good tip. Thank you.


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