Monday, 14 March 2016

For The Love of Chilli......

One of my real loves, well actually an obsession, is eating chilli. The hotter, the better and I always find a way to incorporate it into my everyday.  One of my excuses to eat it is that it is great for our health; lowering blood pressure and helping with our circulation. Chilli also has painkilling effects as it stimulates and releases our natural endorphins that can lower our perception of pain.

But there is a downside to my obsession, "chilli fingers". It doesn't seem to matter how much I wash my hands after,  I inevitably end up touching my eyes or worse, resulting in a stingy, watery mess.

As Sandra knows too well over the fence,  I am a bit of a gadget lover, especially in the kitchen and this is where my much loved and used KitchenAid mini processor comes in very handy with my chilli fingers....

It is my go to for chilli, onions and garlic chopping. It's great for making sauces and basically anything else that needs to be chopped/processed quickly and efficiently such as herbs, pastes etc. It is small, but has a lot of power to it and with two speed/power options for optimum control its a great kitchen gadget worth investing in.

I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, but for me, the knowledge of what we eat and the health benefits behind certain foods really fascinates me. Looking for new ways to incorporate my chilli eating obsession and, being a fan of Dale Pinnock's nutritional fact based cook books, I just had to buy his latest book, The Power of Three. Much to my absolute delight, he has included a recipe for a "Chilli Almond Dipping Sauce". It is pure heaven and I can literally eat it on its own and, have done, it is that good!!

Unlike a lot of healthy eating books out there at the moment, you can trust Dale's approach to food as he is a qualified nutritionalist, using scientific based facts to create recipes that target most aspects of our health. Check out his website here .

My KitchenAid mini processor was made for this wonderful sauce. It even has the extra bonus of being able to add oil, water etc through a small hole at the top of the lid whilst you process, which in this case provides me with complete control over how runny I'd like my sauce to be.....yum!!

Its great for those quick fix lunches without the tears and provides a healthier option of making a sauce in under a minute which doesn't contain any nasties that shop bought sauces contain.

So for all those chilli lovers out there, if you need a solution to "Chilli Fingers",  the mini KitchenAid processor is great little gadget to have in the kitchen and, if your like me and find food fascinating,  don't forget to check out The Power of Three  and Dale Pinnock's other books for healthy recipes that give you the knowledge to help maintain a healthier life through the foods you eat.

Happy Monday friends, from a self confessed Chilli, Healthy Eating and Gadget lover!!!



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