Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Clothes or Homewares shopping

Do you really have to choose?

I'm on a little journey .... sadly, not the type that means flying somewhere exotic, but one that is all about connecting back with me.  Don't worry, I'm not going to get deep or anything.

This is more about finding my style in both my fashion, make-up and also our home.

Starting with clothing .... I need a make-over! Its a fact. For little over a year, two puppies have had me in anything that can hold treats and poo bags.  Yes, that's exactly how I've shopped, which means I've practically lived in jeans. Now this is from someone that probably up to about 2 years ago, never actually owned a pair of jeans.  I've always been more of a dress girl.  So its time to reconnect with me.  I'm also looking at new make-up ranges, as I've hit that certain age, where things in the past just don't work for me anymore.

Getting back to my title.  I'm also a home loving body, who's more than happy to be wandering around a shop looking at cushions or throws, no one really judges you there, do they?  But I really don't think you need to be one or another. And there too, our home has become a little stuck in the past, and I need to find what works for us.

So, here you go ... join me, on my little journey to renovate both.

All this too, seems coincidental, as the other evening I was looking through IG, and one of my favorite accounts said she had blogged. So I popped on over, and she had something similar to say, which to be honest gave me an idea for this post.  Do have a look at it here.

Ok, a little honesty here.  I actually went into TopShop the other day, and bought this gorgeous little jumper, and the store SuperDry and bought a denim skirt. Neither of which are stores I'd ever shop in. They feel a little intimidating to me, but I have no reason not to go in really.  So that's my new mantra ... shop where I want, and don't worry if it's not age appropriate.

I'm not silly, I don't want to look like I've stepped out of a magazine, and my lifestyle will still involve sitting on the floor with the bears (or wiping a few messes up).  So I don't need anything over the top, but I want to look more like me again.  Now, she'll hate me for saying this, but Maria always, always, always looks lovely.  She has her own style, she knows whats suits her and she's not trend driven, although she does look always very "now". And it's that sort of style, I need to find ... one that's me.  I'm sure I'll be making mistakes, and I'll let you know those too.  I'm also one that HATES selfies, but in this instance, I'm going to take them and share them with you.  So without much further ado ... here's the first outfit.

I like that the pocket detail goes around the body a bit too. (but I'm resisting putting anything puppy related in it)

I've decided that this mirror in our bedroom, may be the best ... as I don't have an audience
I also treated myself to make up, which I'll talk about in another post, and same with our home update.

But for now, thank you for sticking with me, and do let me know what you think ... Yes or no to the outfit?


  1. That's a very good mantra, and one that I use. A great start with your 'makeover' you are spot on with the denim skirt, and I think it will fit in perfectly with your life style. That for me is the key, does what I want wear fit around my life, another useful tip try and make two items you wear match, it can be accessories or clothing, and have fun.
    Sue xx

  2. I used to like clothes shopping - now I hate it!! I would love to wear something other than jeans -!! I have a few lovely skirts and dresses (loving your superdry one by the way!!) but unless I have boots on I never know what sort of shoes to go with them... so if you have any advice!! ;-) (by the way you always look lovely in your photos :-) )

  3. I went from someone who never wore trousers to someone who ONLY wears trousers as they fit with my lifestyle.
    I love your new outfit and if you feel comfortable with it that has to go a long way towards building a wardrobe that is "you".
    Toni xx

  4. This post really sums up how I feel too! Love the outfit, stylish and casual.
    I am a school secretary and this year our Headteacher introduced a dress code where we have to wear jackets in the office - I am not a jacket kind of person and am struggling to embrace the new regime!

  5. Hi Sandra your outfit,hair&makeup look lovely and really suit you. X

  6. Yes, definitely to that outfit - you are always so cute! I'm trying to get back to "me" too & get back to that pulled together look. It doesn't matter if being color coordinated isn't in style if that's what I like, right! :)


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