Thursday, 24 March 2016

A Tip for Dry, Itchy Eyes

Hi friends, its pretty miserable here this afternoon with the start of the Easter break and, yes its raining, lots!!

It may seem odd, but the rain made me think of a recent visit to the opticians for my usual eye check. My eyes had been itchy and dry and worse of all, I had developed large droopy bags under my eyes which I just put down to needing more sleep.

So I was in a for a surprise when my optician told me my tear ducts where blocked causing the dryness and the, oh so unattractive eye bags.  So I am passing on her professional advice to you as it actually worked and it doesn't involve any sprays, creams or lotions and its......... FREE, Yay!! :D

First, get a clean flannel and put it under some hot running water until its just about as hot as you can handle. Then place over one of your eyes and leave it there until it goes cold. When your done massage gently just under the eye to encourage your tear ducts to clear. Then repeat with the other eye.  I did this whilst relaxing in the bath and found it quite relaxing and therapeutic to just shut off from the world and close my eyes for a few minutes.

If your eye bags and dryness are bad as mine were, then you need to do this for a couple of weeks.   I, personally, saw results within a week :D

I hope you find this tip useful.

See you tomorrow for our weekly "In The Spot Light"

Maria xx

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