Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Nail Repair Journey

I hate the words "age related" but I wonder if the state of my nails is something to do with being over 21 .... just.

My nails were always strong, painted and smooth. Recently they've become ridged, flakey and very weak.  So I thought I'd take this opportunity to get them back in shape .... and I'll share my journey with you.

These are the products that I'll be using over the next few weeks and are easily available and reasonable in price. They are available in Boots etc.
I'll keep you updated over the next month or so to see if any changes, or any new products I've found to help.



  1. I shall be following this with interest!

  2. So far my nails are still strong and smooth, although I don't keep them painted as much as I used to. :) My Mama's always had brittle nails, so I'll be following along with interest.

  3. I have never had nice nails but would like to, so I an curious to see how your rebuilding of nails series goes along. ... Mary-Lou


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